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  1. CB was the very heart and soul of all we do. Been here since we started. Still all CPU. CB You were the BEST. You are sorely missed.
  2. A graduate student from Trinity computed the square of infinity. But if gave him the fidgets to put down the digits, so he dropped math and took up divinity.
  3. With Ya Michael B. I don't post much but my Mom died of or from that disease last summer. Do what you gotta do and God bless you. Fusion
  4. You guys is making me cry. I quit back in 2004 when 10000 points was a big deal. Been back for over a year now and my mac mini is slow but steady. Going for a mil. should I live so long. Viva la Pit!
  5. You are such a hopeless redneck.Obama is the last best hope for America. What are you, independently wealthy?
  6. I see this too much. Is everybody stupid?
  7. Too ,too means ....also. There are three twos, tos, toos in the English language. Holy cripe!
  8. I know the speed is good. Just don't understand why the Pitstop "Full" tests report it incorrectly. Is it a glitch?
  9. 4000Kb/s down. 384Kb/s up. I'm getting good speed, 3700Kb/sec down. 360 Kb/sec up. It's just that the full Pitstop tests don't show it. DSL reports speed test comes back at around 4000 Kb/s download.
  10. I have 4000 Kb/sec cable and consistently get around 3700 kb/sec on the stand alone dowload speed test. However the full test download speed is never recorded at more than 800 Kb/sec. The upload speed seems correct at about 350 Kb/sec. Does anyone else have this problem? It's no big deal but just wonder what might be causing it.
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