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  1. hi, just wondering, can anyone tell me the best place to get torrents? i have a program to use them, but need a good reliable place to get the torrents from.
  2. im doing it simply because i want all the files im putting on this particular cd to have the same bitrate.
  3. hi, i am trying to compile a cd from various songs off a P2P network. the bitrate of these files vary from 96kbps to 192 kbps. is there a program that will convert them to say a happy medium like 160kbps???
  4. anyone know of a good program to join 2 .avi files together?
  5. ya i have also used Partition Magic 8.0 for this same thing, it works great and dosent take long to do. fairly simple program.
  6. k thank you very very much
  7. how do i insert a picture of a screenshot into a topic on here? all i see is the url insert. and this is saved to my computer....... thanks for help in advance
  8. i talked to a couple ppl today in here and they seem to be having the same problems randomly. i called the secretary and she scheduled the network assistant to check my gear and the servers out. ty for help.
  9. this is so sickening! i live in a apartment complex for like 2 months now with free wireless. about 2 weeks ago i lose my regular 48-54mbps connection and only get like 1-11mbps now. very annoying, cant hardly even surf the net now. when i watch the connection it loses connection like every 3-10 minutes, right b4 it loses connection it will spike to like 24-54mbps then lose connection instantly. like with in like 15 seconds from the time it goes up to 24-54mbps. any suggestions? the router is a linksys and my wifi card is a trendnet tew-423pi by the way ive looked at alot of simular problems on this forum and alot of them suggest reseting the modem, router and computer, but i dont have access to the modem and router. any suggestions?
  10. ya, i remembered that its a pcchips last night.......seen an ECS mobo box on my computer desk, but its from my brothers comp i built last month. lol also, ya, the bios is crappy and has very few options. that will be the last time i buy a cheap motherboard for myself!
  11. that sounds good to me, lol, wish i could.
  12. can anyone tell me how to find the pll manufacturer and pll number of my ECS M861G Motherboard? trying to overclock it and cant find the pll info.
  13. my motherboard is not supported by that program according to the list.....cheap ecs board.
  14. hi, im interested in overclocking my computer, just for the heck of it, and need that cpufsb program.....its getting hard to find. if anyone knows a different or better program to overclock with that info would be useful also. my bios wont let me overclock. here is the computer i am running...... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=LR66PWV8TVCSF7QQ
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