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  1. Thanks.I will do that when i get home. Also i've got a couple of other questions which are bothering me. 1) I frequent a website which streams live football matches over the internet and sometimes the picture will freeze for a short time(which i guess is a standard problem with streaming) or goes kinda blotchy or pixelated i suppose and these large pixels go pink and i can't see anything.Any idea on that? 2) I have bought a new lg flatscreen monitor and the display doesn't work properly in such a way that windows that aren't open(but have previously) seem to leave a sort of watermark whic
  2. Hi, Over the last month or two I have discovered that this file keeps adding itself to my desktop and I can't find any program that supports it and have no idea where it came from.Does anyone know anything about this and what do they/you advice I do?
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