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  1. Your welcome, glad it helped .
  2. You want to create a self-extracting file with a collection of photos of documents, so first you have to get WinZi... No you don't! Click Start, Run and type IEXPRESS to start the wizard to one of the most useful, free, Windows programs that no one uses. Not only can you quickly make an archive of files in an .Exe file. You also can create an actual licence and instructions on how the recipient can contact you about it.
  3. so it only should do 1 boot time scan ater the intial install and that is it. i was trying to set a VBRD and it was running at a high cpu so i shut it down. That may be why it did another scan?
  4. Is there supposed to be a scan at the start up? I have had a scan run 2 times today on start up? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your patience.
  5. lowered the level of security and the speeds came up considerably. Just curious what others have for their settings High or Normal?
  6. will lower settings and run tests again. That $#@%^ symantec keeps popping up in my Zone alarm list? I thought I got it all? searching files/folders and onl 1 reference comes up((for the homepage)? I think they factor in a frustration level so you finally just break down and put in the new Norton
  7. Thanks Kd5 . did you happen to see how slow my drives got after avast. should i lower my setting to normal from high?
  8. see the difference between the 7th and the 8th. only difference is norton and avast? strange? Also do you use the VRBD option?
  9. hope this link works: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=ZRY9NWJSB6QS0VSR
  10. I just went through all drives and I believe I got rid of al NA and symantec.When I run a search I can only find 1 reference to symantec and that is the homepage? I have defragged numerous times. This is amazing. But starting to p*** me off! EDIT: you are correct Avast is scanning while I run the test?? Norton never did. Is the setting too high or should I disable it for the testing? Chris951: try this http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/tsgen...=&osv_lvl=&seg=
  11. I just installed Avast, I had Norton before and read how good it seemed to be,well I just ran a pit test and I used to have an uncached speed of 53 which was 226% over similar machines and now it runs at maybe 30. the standard is 23 but how would installing or changing AV have anything to do with this?
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