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  1. Ok.. Thanks for the advice. For anyone else stumbling upon this topic in the future with the same problem. Just to let you know, I found the problem. I found the file I was talking about. http://www.retnuh.com/security.htm It is considered malware and takes over your host file. "Redirective Hosts" will usually block out antivirus sites. Go to the above URL for more info. Thanks jojesa and wdeydwondrer for the replies. Problem solved.
  2. Ok, I just did that (yes I did it in safe mode). When I first restarting my computer in regular mode after the scanner finished, the pages were working, but within seconds I was back to my "Problem loading page" and "The Page Cannot Be Displayed." (Ping showed up ... that's right... Urg! What could be causing this network mayhem?
  3. Thanks a million, I'll give it a try and let you know how it turns out.
  4. Hi. I've recently become victim of one of those nasty MSN viruses (I know, I'm a n00b). Anyway, I'm pretty sure I've gotten rid of the virus, it was part of "Winlogon.exe" startup. That's not the issue. My problems is, ever since this virus problem, my computer seems to be blocking certain web pages. Most of the pages I've noticed being blocked have been general spyware/virus scanning sites (avg, ewido, other random sites like that). When I open my command prompt (Start-->Run, type "CMD") and ping one of these blocked websites, I get an IP address off Obviously that's not the site's IP. So, I went to my other computer and I can get to the websites fine, and ping them fine. I got the IP address of ewido (just to test) directly and tried typing it into my web browser. I can get there fine. So, I can browse every website by IP, but some websites URLs will not work and are giving the general "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error with an IP address of with a ping reply of "Request Timed Out." I've tried clearing my TCP/IP settings and restarted my computer, but the problem persists. (Also did the ipconfig/flushdns and then renew thingy.) I've heard rumors of a file on your computer that you can change that will allow you to set URLs to you what you want. In essence, a personalized DNS file for your computer. Example: Set the file so that when you type in "Google.com" into a web browser, it will actually take you to "www.cow.com." I think this is where the problem could be, although I'm not quite sure. Could the virus have changed this file to set AVG and other virus protecting websites to the IP address of What can I do to get rid of this annoying issue of random URL blocking? (Yes, I've tried other browsers.) Thank you so much for your time. -AJ
  5. OMG! Thanks! That worked. I can't belive I was so stupid. You're my hero.
  6. Hi. I have been having the weirdest problem for the last couple of months. When a microphone is plugged into my microphone jack it comes out of the speakers (or headphones if they are plugged in). I've tinkered around and I've noticed (I don't know if this means anything in particular) that when I am using XP's "Language Bar" in Microsoft Word to do voice dictation, the sound doesn't come out of the speakers anymore until I stop using it. This has not always been the case. I used to just be able to use my mic and speakers independently. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.
  7. Hi,.. This is a follow up to this topic: Closed Topic I just wanted to say, first of all, I do own Nero. Seccond, what I ment by "some random serial number" is that I'm not sure if it was the serial number I wrote down from the box or not. Sorry for the missunderstanding. Seccond, My DVD drive works now. THANK YOU! You guys are my GODS! Live long and prosper!
  8. Oh... well in this case it's weird. I have Nero 6 Ultra Edition but I just installed that InCD thing with some random serial number I found and now when I try to open Nero StartSmart it says, "The licence you are currentyly using does not allow you to start this application."
  9. Wait... I found a free trial of it... ftp://ftp.nero.com/InCD- Is that going to work for only a limited time? Or is that good enough?
  10. Really? Wait... I have a slight recolection of what you are talking about. How do I get Nero InCd?
  11. Well it was working fine before I reinstalled Windows. Now it's only reading DVD movies. The oddest thing is that NERO will burn data disc fine but then Windows won't read them. Grrr... Tis' making me mad!
  12. Well I don't have another DVD drive. I think the problem may be drivers, but I can't find any for my brand. Is there any universal drivers out there that might work?
  13. Hi... My DVD drive reads regular DVDs fine, but when I burn a data disc it doesn't recognize it. It just says, "Please insert a disk into drive G." I know it burns data fine because I have tried one of them on my friend's DVD drive. Do you know what the problem could be that my DVD drive won't detect dvds with only data on them? Thanks for the help.
  14. Good news... I got it going... thanks for all of your help. It just randomly started working again. Weird. But I still can't use data DVDs in it. Ahh well.
  15. Ok... does anyone know what these decoders are? Do I need a DVD decoder?
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