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    Blue Doom Power Up Case Ultra X-Connect 400W PSU Intel Celeron 340 2.93Ghz 533FSB Socket 478 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL3 PCCHIPS P25G V3.0 P4M800CE 478 Seagate 160GB EIDE HD 7200/8MB/ATA-100 52X CD-RW/16X DVD-ROM Combo Drive GeForce FX5500 256MB DDR AGP W/TV & DVI Phillips TV7135 WMD Video Capture Windows XP Home/ openSUSE 10.2
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  1. you wont get anything if a keyboard isnt present. No mode of input and you will have no output
  2. Havent tried it. Maybe look into a Symantec product. Havent tried it either, but I like the Symantec products that I have.
  3. this may be a dumb question, but... When installing ram, does the size have to match? I have 512MB installed and want to add a 256, would this make any difference? They are the same kinda pc3200 400MhZ and everything, except for the size. Thanks
  4. I thought it was, but for some reason I didnt put that scene with that movie... eh, oh well. Thanks!
  5. Am I thinking of Mission Impossible II ?
  6. I have been trying to remember the name of a certain movie lately, and I havent been able to. It has been driving me crazy!!! Near the beginning a male agent has to team up with a female theif. He tries to catch her, but ends up in a car chase. After a while they collide and go into a spin w/ both of their cars together. After that they go back to her place and.. you know.. Then I remember a scene where she is stealing from somewhere, a necklace or something, and he trips the alarm on her, but helps he escape. What is this movie?!?!?! Thanks
  7. I have a celeron D 2.93GhZ and it is better than some P4's out there.
  8. usually you press the delete key at startup...
  9. When I run into problems like this I like to go back to the start. Open your case and unplug your hard drive, then just install it as you did in the first place. Sometimes I find that that works the best. Install the drivers and everything as you did in the beginning
  10. I had hoped so... Thanks Alot!!
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