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  1. well Bruce, i would also be very proud to have your crime rate here in Mineral Wells, Texas. its pretty sad how our crime rate is here, one big reason im Pro Gun.
  2. Bruce he sais 8-900 Awesome house CB. looks peacefull
  3. Well guys, my nephew Josh is 19 and signed up for the United States Marine Corp early this year and tomorrow is last time ill see him for the next 13 weeks. As much as i hate to see him go because it shows he is not one of my little buddies following me around anymore. But im so very proud of him and see he is a grown man. He is making something of himself and will be fighting for us all. Just had to post to wish him good luck.
  4. he deserved pepper spray and alot more. as Intratech said, if they shot him might be stopping a furture school shooting
  5. yup. maybe spring season, but its about to start our summer heat down here i dont mind a little snow right now
  6. actually it did work! thank you
  7. these things really suck. had them for over 24 hours. now they hurt, and in the area they hurt (upper chest towards neck) feel a very tight pressure when i breathe. i always manage but these are insane
  8. im starting to get annoyed that At&t has not released Froyo to us Galaxy S users. growing very impatient and contemplating rooting it
  9. im happy with mine and will be for awhile. just glad to know when i decide to upgrade the choices will be amazing
  10. i have a very fast Android smartphone. but i honestly would love a wifi only version of one of them dual core nvidia tegra tablets
  11. as Bruce stated. go with the Droid X or Droid Incredible by HTC. or you could wait a little longer, the Droid Bionic is coming and it has a dual core cpu
  12. root or sideload Bruce, att wont let me install apps unless from android market. thats when i sideload the app
  13. i also have a Galaxy S smart phone the Samsung Captivate. i absolutely love it. does everything i need it to do and more. and duanester is right. turn off gps and wifi and background downloads and it saves battery life. dont want to Root, but i might be forced to if Froyo does not release for my phone in the next 2 months
  14. awesome my nephew has the Aria as well. i got the Captivate. i do wanna root it but cant afford bricking or voiding the warranty.
  15. all set up everything goes throigh my wired router like normal but i unp[lugged it to set up my wifi with a nice hefty password and now get a great wifi connection throughout my house. thanks for the help guys wifi name = Android
  16. well placed an order on a good linksys router http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833124190 so all i will have to do is disconnect my current wired router, so i can set up my wireless router, then once set up with protection from outside users, i can then disconnect my wireless router and connect back my wired router, and use an ethernet cable to connect my wireless router to my wired router and i should be good to go right? EDIT: and yes duanester, it will mainly be used for me and my nephews Android phones to save our data plan
  17. well then my mind is made up for 30 bucks thats an awesome deal and fit my needs as i slowly move into a wireless world thanks for all the help guys i appreciate it
  18. if i get a wireless dlink router, would it have the same url adress as my current router, and there for conflict? maybe i should get a linksys for a different address url? and terry thats a good point but this is a good $100 router i have setup really well, and dont really wanna shelve it ya know? but yes i would like to secure the wireless router with WPA2. i found this Dlink but again the url address will be the same? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833127288
  19. alright i like the idea duanester, but would the wireless router firewall conflict with my hardwired firewall?. another question would it be best to go Dlink wireless router to work better with my Dlink hardwired router?
  20. awesome!! thats exactly what i was wanting. so now i know it will work. now i want to find a very good very cheap network adapter thanks very much for that info Bruce and Terry. now you guys have a very good cheap solution for a network adapter?
  21. my home network is a wired network. and my router is wired not wireless. will the usb wireless adapters plug into my pc and share the internet from my pc to my phones wifi that way?
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