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  1. yup. maybe spring season, but its about to start our summer heat down here i dont mind a little snow right now
  2. im starting to get annoyed that At&t has not released Froyo to us Galaxy S users. growing very impatient and contemplating rooting it
  3. im happy with mine and will be for awhile. just glad to know when i decide to upgrade the choices will be amazing
  4. i have a very fast Android smartphone. but i honestly would love a wifi only version of one of them dual core nvidia tegra tablets
  5. as Bruce stated. go with the Droid X or Droid Incredible by HTC. or you could wait a little longer, the Droid Bionic is coming and it has a dual core cpu
  6. root or sideload Bruce, att wont let me install apps unless from android market. thats when i sideload the app
  7. i also have a Galaxy S smart phone the Samsung Captivate. i absolutely love it. does everything i need it to do and more. and duanester is right. turn off gps and wifi and background downloads and it saves battery life. dont want to Root, but i might be forced to if Froyo does not release for my phone in the next 2 months
  8. i think i can take her
  9. im not scared of daddy long legs but that many? gross. we have a black widow problem at work
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