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  1. the computer is formatted, so what you are saying is just put in the XP cd? I got into my bios by taking the battery out and then putting it back in, so set the boot up thing to 1 cd 2 floppy 3 hard drive so any advice on how it go about this would be great
  2. well, when I format this computer, I am going to put win 98 then put the win xp pro upgrade on it. I made a win 98 boot disk
  3. yes I do. But another problem, it that I forgot my password for entering BIOS. (hit del or f2) I tried some programs to recover it, but it don't work.
  4. well, I am doing it with windows running, I am useing Windows XP PRO. but I see there is no restart in msdos, so what do you guy recommend doing?
  5. C:\>format c: The type of the file system is FAT32. WARNING, ALL DATA ON NON-REMOVABLE DISK DRIVE C: WILL BE LOST! Proceed with format (Y/N)? y Verifying 8056M Format cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Format may run if this volume is dismounted first. all opened handles to this volume would be invalid. Would you like to force a dismount on this volume? (Y/N) then I pressed Y. then it said... Cannot lock the drive. The volumer is still in use. then it goes back to C:\>
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