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  1. A couple of days ago I went in to check on how thing were going with the print server, when I last checked all but one computer could print. Now only one computer will print ... and of course it's the one that doesn't need to print very often. Chopdoc, you suggested I print a configuration page from the print server, I don't think it can do that. There's only one botton and it is a reset. I did print a test page from windows, I see something that looks like an IP but I'm not sure. The network is pretty standard, A DSL line connected to a modem connected to a router which is connected to a hub. The print server is connected to the hub and the printer. I've been trying, with no luck, to contact Gigafast. They have a phone number to call for help but it only works in the USA.
  2. The OS on the one that doesn't work is WinXP with sp2 ( same as all others) As for trying to ping the printer, I have no idea what the IP is. The software that came with the server still can't find the server (on any of the computers). The only info I have is Device name, PID, Node and Version - which I collected from the "configure port" window under the "IPX tab" - there's nothing under the TCP/IP tab. I guess I really should have gotten a HP print server ...
  3. Well, here's the situation now. I went in today, enabled print sharing (I didn't disable TCP/IP ) and 3 computers found the P-server, I changed them from LPT1 to network port, as it states in the guide and they printed right away. The other computer, which is the troubled child of our office, still can't find the P-server. Everything regarding this printer is identical on all computers. Any other suggestions?
  4. It's HP 1150. I think I have enabled sharing, I'll check tomorrow. Since I don't need TCP/IP I will disable it, thanks for the input jojesa.
  5. I recently bought a GigaFast EE171-pr print server for my office network. I was hoping to be able to connect my HP Laserjet 1150 to the network and print from any of the three computers already on the network. I hooked up the Print server as described in the rather vague "quick install guide" and connected it to the hub, But the software that they provide can't or won't find the server so it can't be cofigured. Network places in WinXP can't find it either. I've installed new protocols (IPX/SPX, TCP/IP and NetBEUI) no luck, Tried changing cables (USB and Network) no luck. I even uninstalled everything and started from scratch with supposed new drivers I downloaded from their web site, still no luck. There is an LED on the PServer, it's green, but it flickers. Is it possible I have a dud? Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated ... As you may have guessed, I know very little about networking so please keep it simple.
  6. What kind of video card do you have?
  7. I've been using "TweakNow RegCleaner" for ages. It's very simple to use and seems to do the job. http://www.tweaknow.com/RegCleaner.html
  8. Control panel -> folder options -> General tab -> "click items as follows" section. Selecting one of these options (double click to open ...) should get you back to the way thing were.
  9. 1. Jimi Hendrix - the original, the one and only Guitar God 2. Eric Clapton - early years when he had the blues 3. Andeas Segovia - Great classical player 4. Eddie Van Halen - better than most people think 5. Stevie Ray Vaughn - a true blues man 6. Robert Johnson - so good, people thought he sold his soul to the devil 7. Mark Knopfler - his riffs on sultans of swing are amazing 8. Jimmy Page - not the cleanest player but definitely had style 9. Ted Nugent - the motor city madman, played hard rock on a Gibson Birdland 10. John Hiatt - maybe greatest acoustic player ever honourable mention to Leon Redbone
  10. I'm a recent convert from radeon to nvidea ... I agree with marsh, forget the FX series and spend a few extra bucks on a 6600 or 6800 (GT if possible) Of your two choices the radeon 9800 pro is the better card.
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