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    Currently waiting on tax return to build a new gamer! E5800 Pentium at stock clocks (3.2) Radeon HD6670 500GB Sata 3 SLOW SLOW SLOW Old build from 2005..LMAO!!! Opteron 165 Asus A8N SLI Deluxe G.Skill 2x1GB EVGA 7900GT [email protected] 650/625 Audigy2 ZS Platinum Sceptre X9 Naga V 19" LCD 8ms Windows XP x64 on WD 80GBx2 RAID 0 OCZ PowerStream 520 SLI (upgrading to OCZ GameXtreme700W) NZXT Nemesis Elite Black Logitech MX518
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  1. Don't feel bad man.... I have been away from this thing for so long, I had almost forgotten my specs too, luckily I put them in my sig..... I sure hope I can find a way to make this interesting again..... I think I just needed a break..... Too much money was being thrown into hardware, it's good to sit on the same platform for a bit, and then get new stuff, so the upgrades are more noticable......
  2. You guys think my PSU will handle adding an 88GTS?
  3. VF900's would work best..... but I dunno if they will fit on both cards, I guess it would depend on your SLI spacing.....
  4. Wow, I'm shocked that a Demon PSU outlasted an X-connect
  5. Ummm, for $300 I would go 20.1" widescreen.... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824112176 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824014105 It would allow you to run a much higher resolution. 1680x1050 is a huge image quality leep from 1280x1024.... especialy if you play games....
  6. Well, all the people I talk to are in the OC forum, not in general discussion, or any other forum, so wouldn't it make more sense to post it here?
  7. Well, it depends on if your on myspace to pick up chicks, or just to meet people....
  8. Ijust started a page on there..... didn't know if any of you guys used it or not. Figured I could put you on my friends list or what not.... I have a very basic page right now, but I will probably expand it later.... I have some cool pics and videos on there for now.... myspace.com/bigdoses Edit:videos aren't working yet, an unknown error in the upload?
  9. Sell your kit and get a 2GB kit. Most setups take a big performance hit when using 4 sticks at once. You will have to turn back to 2T timings, and may not even be able to OC at all......
  10. Looks great, except, instead of getting an Audigy4..... I would get an Audigy2, and 2GB of memory. If you are a gamer, you will really enjoy 2GB. I would never go back to 1GB..... 1GB does overclock better in most cases, but clock speeds mean nothing, if you don't have enough memory there to handle your needs. Anyone who plays BF2, or FEAR with max textures knows that you will get memory lag with 1GB of RAM. The diffrences between the Audigy2 and 4 aren't worth the price difference. I would downgrade that, in order to upgrade the RAM. Good luck bro!
  11. Don't go with the system you got posted..... Get an AMD X2 3800, they will be about $200 pretty soon. Then get an EVGA 7900GT. BFG is good, but 7900's have had a lot of problems and EVGA is the only company that has released a new card that fixes the issues. I would get 2GB of RAM. G.Skill is a good RAM brand for the money. Go with a DFI board if possible. The PSU you chose will probably be ok. As far as a sound card is concerned, I would opt for something with full hardware support. This will take the audio load off your CPU, and give you major performance increases. Audigy's are good. A copy of Windows will run you about $100 or less. All that will put you under $1k
  12. You have to disable the smart CPU temp in the BIOS.....also make sure Cool N Quiet is disabled.....
  13. They been sending them out since last Friday..... They just haven't sent out SC versions yet. Mine original is a CO @ 500/750.... So far it's doing 575/825, once I get 1.5v, I am expecting 700+ on the core.... But yes, I do have a new SKU for sure.
  14. These new 79's seem to function perfectly, once I get it volt modded, I should be able to hang with most GTX's....
  15. Are you only getting these problems with 16 pipes activated? The problems you describe can be associated with a bad quad set..... Does it only do this at the higher CPU frequency? If that's the case, then it's obviously the CPU and/or the memory...... The card should not throttle at 80c, although 80c might see a tiny performance hit, it shouldn't actually throttle down.... try turning fast writes off..... Also, try rasing your CPU voltage .05v from what it is. For some strange reason, CPU voltage seems to go hand in hand with the GPU's ability to overclock... I don't know why, but I just know it does. There have been countless instances where I have had to raise my CPU voltage in order to get 3d stability, even if it was already 24hrs prime stable...... good luck!
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