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  1. Awesome!!! I want to see it push a 280x really badly.... It's not even listed in the results search on the 3dmark site yet... On another note..... checka diss out http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/4206302 Been really trying to push this rig to its max... I'm not sure I even need an upgrade as long as I'm on 1080P.... That little pentium is impressive for a cheap gaming rig though.....
  2. Okay, I can't be the only one drooling at the performance of the 970... especially the per $ value.... JEEZ!!! What a beast...... Do I scoop another dirt cheap 7970/280x, or sell off this 280x while it's got some value left and go for the 970? I'm still thinking of going 4k at tax time, so I know CPU bottlenecking won't be an issue at that res..... but I do wonder about the bottlenecking at 1080, with either scenario. Maybe it would be better to see what 290x does in price, or what AMD puts out to compete, since we are still talking next February,,, Maybe a cheap $120+/- 7970 in addition for now would be a good means to test how my current setup responds to crossfire, and whether I like it or not.... I had considered going with a sub $200 i5 k series CPU, but I am looking at the FireStrike physics scores for them, and it's only a few hundred more points than mine?????? I found several results that confirm these numbers, just take a look... Here is a 4,4GHz i5 4690k with a GTX 970 at 1300MHz core.... http://www.3dmark.com/fs/2831290 Here is a SUB 4GHz 1090t with a GTX 970 at 1300MHz core.... http://www.3dmark.com/fs/2820819 Here is my latest and greatest FireStrike run on my current setup: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/2844101 Keeping in mind that my CPU outperforms the 1090T posted above mine by a good bit (look at my phys score versus the 3.9GHz 1090T and also compare it to the 4.4GHz 4690k!!!!) Would it be safe to assume that I would NOT be bottlenecking that 970??? Maybe two 280x would still kick some butt too? This 1090T seems to still be a very relevant chip when you look at all the numbers for FX6/8 and i3/i5 chips..... I have trolled several 3dmark results and looked at physics scores, and graphics scores alike, and it seems that all this CPU bottlenecking stuff I am hearing is a bunch of jazz.... no? Even crossfire and SLI seem to scale on this chip..... (keep in mind my clocks are high than these, by a LOT) http://www.3dmark.com/fs/2716968 And same cards on an i5.... http://www.3dmark.com/fs/2846919 The i5 4690k was THE CHIP I was looking at going to at tax time.... in combination with either 2x280x OR the 970..... NOW I AM SCRATCHING MY FAT HEAD
  3. Awesome, I want one, but worry about GPU bottlenecking.... any signs??
  4. Okay, so I ditched the RAMDISK...... I didn't really know the benefits completely, however I could clearly see it was negatively impacting all of my CPU benchmarks. I don't think it was just the RAM it was using, I believe the additional IO's used to request pagefile information, etc, was impacting things. Really don't know, but I ditched it, and the system is still super fast, so I'm happy. Is there any particular settings, or maintentance that can be done on SSD RAIDs, or SSD's in general when TRIM is not active in Windows 8.1? I read all these different things about not using TRIM, but there is no clear way to manage SSD's, only ways to help keep the performance. I have written and read quite a bit from the drive over the last week, and it still performs flawlessly, and I don't see it shrinking, so am I good to roll out for a while, or is something I need to do or check on a regular basis?? Thanks guys
  5. Are you just lookin for an excuse to read back up on AMD again??? From what I'm finding TRIM is NOT going to happen, however, with my page file, temp files, and browser cache being on my RAMDISK, I don't see much trash building on this drive?? I read a little and the SD1200 and the trash collection seems to be decent, it's the stuff before this gen of drives that didn't do so well......
  6. Hmmm, is this going to work on my old platform?? 1090T @ 4GHz Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 AMD integrated RAID controller 2x OCZ Vertex 2 boot drive My concern is that your post would be a software driver in windows, and would not permit the current raid to boot. I could be TOTALLY off base though....
  7. Well, one of the issues with RAID 0 on SSD's, is that there is no trim support... So what I'm wondering, is the garbage collection done in the background, or at some sort of scheduled maintenance point?? Still not sure what all I can do to keep performance maximized. I am keeping my games, Office Pro 2013, and OS only on the SSD drives, everything else such as docs, pics, movies, etc, are ALL on my HDD storage drive. I am currently using 100GB of 220GB on the SSD RAID array, and that will probably increase another 30-40GB with the next few games I plan on getting, which are BF4, Crysis 3, and Metro Last Light..... I am installing the games to the SSD, because the whole point was to enjoy the load times, or lack there of
  8. Didn't use it for applications like the editor, but did use the same software and creation process... I am noticing slower startups, and shutdowns, but I tend to leave the computer on 24/7 anyways... I am also now using it for my pagefile, but not sure if it's helping or not.... some performance increases are only notable in benchmarks, so I'd have to do more testing before I can tell if this actually helping me or not. It's a mixed bag of opinions when I googled it.....
  9. I've dealt with warranty crap before..... Best companies I have found are AMD, EVGA and XFX.... of course Newegg is decent with RMA.... I've never dealt with Gigabyte or Intel, but Asus, and MSI have both given me grief on GPU's and motherboards..... It's always "did you overclock, over volt, etc...?" Stop advertising how nice your caps and VRM's are, and then telling people they have voided their warranty. If these companies are going to sell overclocked products, advertising how great their cooling, power phases are, etc.... then they are obviously targeting overclockers! I know your case with the shuttle not working is a different story, but none the less, companies in general need to honor warranties.....
  10. I am seriously thinking of building my wife/kids a smaller rig with this chip.... That $100 combo I showed you is an insanely good deal, and the board that it comes with will overclock that particular chip (lots of stories about people getting a board and 3258, and realizing they couldn't OC it on their board). I think a 7870/7950 paired up with it would be awesome for the kids, and it would still have all the CPU power my wife needs for her school work. As far as me using it.... meh..... my 1090T is still a lot more powerful per all the benchmarks I've looked at.
  11. Okay, so I feel like I've crawled out from under a rock..... I got 2x 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD's on Craigslist for $60 (yes for the pair!!), both with very little read/writes on them, and in excellent health per SSD-LIFE checker.... I decided to run them in RAID 0 to get a larger overall drive space, and also because these are only SATAII drives, so I figured the stripe would get them a little closer to SIII performance... Then I did a fresh install of WIndows 8.1, setup a 2GB RAMDISK for all of my caches and temp files.... All I can say is.... "WOW!" This is the absolute fastest and smoothest PC experience I have ever had. So much difference it makes with booting, loading, installations, etc. Literally everything about it is night and day! If you are already running SSD's, look into the RAMDISK thing for temp/cache files to reduce read/writes to the drive, and it also works great for game server hosting!! Anyways, just wanted to share my cheap, yet, very high impact upgrade!
  12. TEMPTING ME SO BADLY..... http://www.microcenter.com/site/brands/g3258bundle.aspx
  13. I can tell you that this is a SUPER deal for it's OC potential... http://www.microcenter.com/site/brands/g3258bundle.aspx And this is pretty modest, simple, and small.... http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147166&cm_re=atx_mini_tower-_-11-147-166-_-Product That's $150 for 4.4GHz or more of haswell processing power, on a reliable board, with a highly rated, well built, smaller form factor case!!! I KNOW there is no shuttle solution I could ever see myself using personally, but I do understand the need for mobility.....
  14. Brown, let us know when you get a board that will clock that Pentium up.... I want to see 4.6++
  15. Is that the G3258 I see???? PLEASE tell me you are going to overclock the tar out of it..... Let us know how it does! That's supposed to be a NICE little gaming chip.
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