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  1. Oh my God... I just popped in to tell you guys that even though it's been difficult, I managed to survive colon cancer, and the first thread I read is this one. Words can not express how I feel now. I just don't know what to say. I haven't been here for a long time, but these guys were my friends. I'm sad that I was not here to say goodbye to them. Rest in peace, my friends.
  2. Oh my God... Reading this thread makes me so proud! Way to kick Spammer butt, y'all!
  3. Here's an update in case anyone is interested... It turned out to be a series of compatibility issues. Nearly all of the software I have was written before Windows XP was released, and as such it needed compatibility mode to be set properly for each program. Once that was done it eliminated 95% of the BSOD's. I still get one every now and then, but now they are a rarity instead of an two to five times a day occurrence. I also found out that my old copy of Media Player Classic plays DVD's just fine, Img Burn is (for the most part) just a legal version of DVD Decrypter without the CSS decry
  4. The first one after turning off automatic restarts happened a few minutes ago. I was reading an article on CNN's website at the time, which is what I was doing at the time prior to the last several restarts before I turned automatic restarts off. That's why I thought it had something to do with either Firefox or poorly written websites. The BSOD said PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. I looked that up in the M$ database and it says this indicates that invalid system memory has been referenced, and it could have been caused by defective RAM, the installation of a faulty system service, antivirus soft
  5. Oh, I forgot to add that the old computer had a Sylvania POS (I'm sure you know what that means) 17" monitor. I bought an LG 27" LED for the new one, which after about a week of having it, I look at 17" monitors and think "God, that's so small..."
  6. I didn't know about the Event Viewer until IntelGuy mentioned it. I checked it out last night and it confirmed a lot of the problems being related to various programs as I had suspected. After setting the compatibility settings for those programs that seems to have fixed most crashes. Some of my old games were written for Win95, and after nearly 10 years of running Win2k and having a lot of programs simply not work properly (and compatibility mode not helping at all) it has been nice to be able to do some of the things Win2k would not. Only about 3 of 10 games I had would run at all in Win2k.
  7. I heard about that and checked the mainboard, power supply, and all the cards. All were ok, thankfully. I think most of the hardware was actually made in 2004 or earlier as well. I know the mainboard was, but the rest I am not 100% sure about.
  8. I haven't run a pit test on it yet. I'm not real big on beta programs, having had some pretty bad luck with them in the past. I do have SP3 though, and it is fully updated. In fact, an update is installing as I type this. Oh, I didn't know that it would do that. So in that case, let me rephrase my previous statement. I would like to try to figure this out, but I didn't say I wanted to (or could) do it alone. If I could do it myself, then I probably wouldn't have started this thread and asked these questions... Because as I said before, I don't know much about WinXP. So please forgive
  9. I know about that, but that won't solve the problem. Whatever is causing the reboots would still be happening, I just wouldn't know about it. I would rather try and figure out why it's doing that in the first place. As I said before, I think it's software issues. A lot of the problems were solved by setting compatibility mode for various programs. I just haven't figured out all of them yet... Then again, it could be a simple matter of my having left this computer sitting in the box for far too long. I already admitted that my memory is mush, so I guess it's ok if I say that I have no clu
  10. Nope, no BSODs. I don't think it's over heating because there is a fan on the CPU (with a vent built into the side of the case), one in the power supply, an 120mm in the back and an 80mm in the front side of the case. The reboots seem to be software related most of the time, but I don't know for sure. It would reboot after running fine for several hours after I started an older program. I fixed most of those with compatibility settings, either for Win95 or Win2k. But it does it a lot in Firefox, which is compatible with WinXP. (But I could upgrade it and see if that helps.) It could also be fr
  11. As the title suggests, I am new to Windows XP, and have a couple of Noob questions. 1: Why is XP so reboot happy? Every time I think I have figured out the cause and it runs fine for a few days, then it starts doing it again and it will reboot four or five times a day. Can anyone shed any light on this? It is driving me batty... 2: There is a folder under C:\Windows named $hf_mig$ that has over 100 folders under it named KBxxxxxxx that all contain different copies of mostly the same files, with different date and time stamps. There is also over 100 folders under C:\Windows named $NtUni
  12. Cool... That means my mod will still be worth something. Even though IPS took the wind out of my sails when they made IPB 2.1.x Custom Profile Fields so easy to set up... They made some of the mods I spent so long trying to get to work in IPB 1.3.1 completely obsolete. Take the flag mod for example. Instead of editing several files and such, all you have to do set up a CPF, upload your flags and it's done. It takes about two minutes...
  13. Actually, I was talking about not being able to find the test website TechExpress page, not the help page. Since I don't work here anymore, and things change that I am not always aware of, I've always checked to make sure the TechExpress page is where the help page says it is first before I post the link to the help page, because of situations like this. I had no idea that the test site had been updated, and yesterday when I looked for it I couldn't find the TechExpress page. However, I just found it after reading This Post. So the test website TechExpress page is Here. That copy of the Te
  14. Back when I was an Administrator here I went to an awful lot of trouble to write a forum modification to add TechExpress links into member profiles. Normally I would point you to the link on the Member Bar above. But I just looked at the PC Pitstop test website and I can't even find the TechExpress page anymore. Did they do away with it? I haven't tested my computer lately and I don't have time for it at the moment, but if it still shows you a TechExpress link (assuming they haven't changed the set up) just follow the instructions to add it to your forum profile.
  15. Ax Slinger


    Don't waste your money... It's a typical game. You'll be bored with it in two weeks and then it will collect dust on your shelf. Save your money for more important things like Pizza and Chocolate Milk!
  16. Uh ohhh... Now they've done it. They've gone and banned someone who clearly deserves it, thus turning up the heat and stirring the pot of dissent. When will some people ever learn that people who break the rules do so on their own, and that they alone are responsible for their own actions. Nobody makes them break the rules. They do it of their own freewill, and if they had chosen to follow the rules instead of break them, they wouldn't have been banned in the first place. Or the second place or the third, as is the case many times. Everyone here has seen DD's posts and know that quite ofte
  17. If a Recovering Administrator may chime in here, I always told people who had any kind of problem with Tribal Fusion to just block their server. It's easy to do, you just add these lines to your Hosts File: a.tribalfusion.com m.tribalfusion.com tribalfusion.com tribalfusion.speedera.net You can find some information about how to use Hosts Files in the PC Pitstop Link Library, and other useful information as well.
  18. As far as I know, the quote options are able to be set by member group, but you sort of have to do that kind of thing when you first install a board, before you get tons of posts. So I think it's a bit late now, because changing that would require some serious database changes, which I seriously doubt Dave will allow anyone to do. He didn't want the database messed with too much when it was relatively small and easy to backup and restore, and that was 5 years ago. The DB has grown considerably since then, as all busy forum DB's do. There is however, a mod which I think only requires a sma
  19. Only once have I actually seen someone around here that was really hungry, and he had just got here and didn't know anything about this area. I had just had a Costco "Cardboard and Cheese" Pizza with my wife and we had some left. This guy came up to the car and asked if we were going to throw the rest away and I told him I had planned to take it home, but if he was really hungry (he would have to be) he could have it. I handed it to him, and he missed getting a grip on it and dropped it. All 4 of the remaining pieces landed face down in the parking lot. But he was hungry and picked it up and s
  20. So Bill Gates is going to retire. Big deal. What's going to change for the average Microsoft software user? Not very much. Microsoft will still dominate the PC Operating System market, prices will continue to go up with inflation, Windows will still be the buggy mess it's always been, and other software companies will continue to get rich writing software to clean up that mess. (Or at least attempt to.) What will change is Bill Gates is going to retire, spend more time with his Missus, and give away more (of his own) money to worthy causes than most of us would earn in 1000 lifetimes. I d
  21. Bill Gates is not old... He's only 52. That is what is commonly referred to as "middle aged". And while he may be getting up there, "old" is a few years down the road yet.
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