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  1. Oh my God... I just popped in to tell you guys that even though it's been difficult, I managed to survive colon cancer, and the first thread I read is this one. Words can not express how I feel now. I just don't know what to say. I haven't been here for a long time, but these guys were my friends. I'm sad that I was not here to say goodbye to them. Rest in peace, my friends.
  2. Oh my God... Reading this thread makes me so proud! Way to kick Spammer butt, y'all!
  3. No problem, Chop. Next time I'll make sure everyone knows when I post a joke. This is a joke. Do you wish to laugh? Yes \ Maybe \ No \ Forget it
  4. It was not an assertion, Chop. It was a joke. You were supposed to laugh at it. If you choose not to, that's fine. But let me explain it to you a little more, so you understand where I was coming from. Everyone always says the media is biased to the left. So I did a Google for "Right Wing Journalists", and copied down a few names. I don't know for sure if some of them are in fact "Right Wing Journalists" or not. To be honest, I've never even heard of some of those people. But even if they are "Right Wing Journalists", I certainly haven't read much of what they write about because that is not exactly my kind of reading. Not to mention that my Wife swears up and down that at least one of those people is a Democrat. But it doesn't matter anyway. The whole point was to put some names of so called "Right Wing Journalists" in a list, and say "Isn't it a shame that the Conservatives have no way to get their message out?" If I had said the same exact thing, but pointed it to the left, would you have found it funny? I probably would have. Because in my opinion there ain't much difference between a left wing journalist and a right wing journalist. They both need a Forehead Flush Knob... I was looking forward to seeing your list too. Too bad you didn't make one.
  5. Did you understand the joke? Here it is again, read carefully... Now if you will notice, the last line is "Isn't it a shame that the Conservatives have no way to get their message out?" After which you posted... And I replied... Now you've posted... And my previous statement still applies. If you want a list of lefty media types, feel free to make one. Because if you want to make a point, ya gotta do it yourself. You say the lefties outnumber the righties... Ok, let's see your list. Which is your list, and I ain't making it, because I made my point. Now it's your turn.
  6. Ok, so where's your list of people on the left who can't get their message out? You don't need 1000's of them. Just a number equal to or maybe a few more than the number on the list I posted off the top of my head of names that I see regularly. If you can make one and show it to me I might agree with you. Come on... You can do it!
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like an Excedrin?
  8. It's your idea... If you want to make a point, ya gotta do it yourself. I made mine...
  9. Yeah, we all know that Conservatives have no voice in the media... Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Eva Von Zahn, The Beltway Boys, Brit Hume, Tony Snow, Juan Williams, Mara Liason, G. Gordon Liddy, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Michael Medved, Sam & Cokie, Tim Russert, Bob Schieffer, John Hockenberry, Ollie North, Neil Boortz, Robert Novak, Paul Weyrich, Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer, Don Imus, John Stossel, Howie Kurtz, David Horowitz, Maureen Dowd, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Peggy Noonan, William Safire, Andrew Sullivan, David Limbaugh, Jonah Goldberg, Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, John Fund, Paul Greenburg, Jeff Jacoby, Dick Morris, Thomas Sowell, Cal Thomas, Walter Williams, Mort Zuckerman, Brent Bozell, William F. Buckley, Neil Cavuto, David Hackworth, Charles Krauthammer, William Raspberry, Phyllis Schlafly, George Will, Matt Drudge, Luci Goldberg, Michael Barone, Lawrence Kudlow, Marlin Fitzwater, Pat Buchanan, Ari Fleisher, Christopher Hitchens, Rich Lowry, Kate O'Beirne... Did I miss anyone? I'm sure I must have... Isn't it a shame that the Conservatives have no way to get their message out?
  10. Bush hasn't had any sucess with Al Qaeda that I can see. So there's nothing to measure, thus I'm not using any kind of "measuring stick".
  11. That is exactly what I was referring to. Bush has made so many mistakes that if it were anyone else, his Presidency would have fallen flat by now. But he has two major things other recent Presidents did not have. The same two things that have prevented him from falling on his face his entire life... Daddy's powerful politcal friends and Daddy's money. Without his Daddy you would never have even heard of George W. Bush, because he would not have made it on his own. I don't consider what he did pre or post 911 to be leadership. Before the attack Bush was briefed that Al Qaeda was determined to strike in the US. After getting this briefing what did he do? He went fishing. After the attack he said getting Al Qaeda was the number one priority of his Administration. A year later that had not been accomplished, and it wasn't such a high priority anymore. If he had actually done what he said, or even actually tried to do what he said, things could be very different. But he didn't, and they're not...
  12. I don't know if you'd call it a "pet" or not, but here's my baby...
  13. Don't forget that Freeways are not free either.
  14. Since Bush has been President, I've seen so many "beginnings of the end" that it's enough to make your head spin. So what happened? He got re-elected and more of the same came down the pike. In recent years America has suffered from a bad case of the stupids, and it's getting worse, not better.
  15. Thanks, Rev... I was just gonna say that.
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