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  1. as long as were talking vid cards. I just got the e/m from Nvidia today. really had my heart set on that ati 850...pci express, it sits in a normal pci slot? and really sucks up the juice. stock p/s 350watts wont do huh?
  2. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=U1ELMWE6NZQS78F6
  3. Problems problems...I crossed that road a year ago, with 13 year old boy at the time.If it will help give the her Dell.Then have her help you architece,engineer a new computer. We both saved money in a common bank account,shoped for just the right parts. Slowly part by part we both learned about computers and each other. It forged a common bond that was not there before, was a learning experience to say the least. Never forget the look when it failed its first post. Now mind you he has the old p3 in his bedroom for homwork word processing and the like.We bulit the p4 for the family a hands on type of project id say... Good Luck-------->
  4. you get what you pay for.i have a lot of p-1 sitting around.heatsink fins have been plug for years.dust,dirt,smoke and the like.i did how ever have a k6-2 once.lasted about year and half.thats funny a good friend went aginst my advise caveed under sales pitch.Now he cant get his money back.time on the phone.time waiting for repair techs.same problem over and over it just crashes.anyone out there have a k6-2 that still works?
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