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  1. always shred data before selling of giving it to pc repair shops...many of the larger ones have a policy of retrieving data and imaging it, i've read of several child porno freaks getting caught cuz they sent pc in for repairs. i know i had a repair shop a few years back actually just steal my whole hard drive as i had 2 and only got back 1, but after calling twice and being on hold for dunno how long, they confiscated it due to copyright infringment on my part...one being a second activated copy of windows and they said i shouldnt have that and some dvd's i copied...they said they sent it in for further evaluation and i could be held liable for any illegal software and turned over to the bsa or some such bs i still dont think they had the right to do that but never heard from em.
  2. are you using the 84.25 driver? its suppose to help in oblvion i dont notice any graphical defects on mine with max settings the shadows on faces should look very gradual although sometimes it may flicker now and then with torches near by...i'm sure the next patch and drivers will clear alot of issues up
  3. my g/f has high blood pressure so dr. put her on a different kind that just doesnt have the estrogen hormone in it...i was curious if not having this in it has any increase in chances for pregnancy over the previous kind?
  4. awesome game, i've palyed it for 9 hrs 29min so far, unfortunatly you need a powerhouse system to really be amazed by the graphics. with the ingame settings maxed and the following driver tweaks i only get like 15 fps but change supersampling to multisample and i get a constant 30+fps outdoors and every texture upclose is so detailed and rounded with no polygonal edges its truely amazing i wish everyone could play it like this 84.25 beta (optimized driver specifically for oblivion) forced AA/AF to 16x image - high quality trilinear opimization- off..turn on for better peformance with less quality anisotripic mip filter- off anisotropic sample optimization- off gamma correct aliasing - on transparancey aliasing - super sampling negative lod bias - allow, only if using high AA render frames ahead - 0
  5. check out PC Wizard, its freeware and alot smaller file than pcmark, but still gives you consistant results you can view on all hardware componants as well as tell you system temps..etc
  6. yes i know some that cant or wont try to use an image. hmm, imaging is probably the easiest way overall, in acronis 9 for example, if you use secure zone option...it will say at boot before windows loads "press F11 for recovery options" there maybe some that are easier to use, like goback maybe, not sure. try out some trial versions yourself and become familiar with your favorite. i'd say learn to use an imaging tool yourslef first and write instructions down on paper for the guy or read him on phone with help file handy.
  7. you can use windows repair which overwrites system files but leaves settings/programs..etc everything intact but of course he needs the xp cd to do that. you could image it using 3rd party software, like acronis true image and burn i to cd, but he'll lose recent stuff created since last image
  8. they havnt done anything that millions of other companies dont do only 2 options in the business world..grow or sell
  9. i'm not sure this is related, but ms is planning on making it so that you dont have to install games, rather just run off of cd like a console...maybe to aid in piracy i dunno but it could be that halo2 will not be installable and hence is why only vista can run it
  10. well theres also xg drivers from tweaksrus and the Z-tweaked drivers from therealzepher i dont think the others are worth anything however i did try out Ntweaker 2.0 and it has increased scores in some instances
  11. took me alot of testing and screenshot comparison but along with agreement and findings of a couple others apparantly Quality settings is the best to have performance yielded same iq and scores as HP and quality had the best scores and negligible iq difference than HQ with a lod at around -3 i never found any specific settings from searching google so i can only assume this is about all that can be done outside of oc'ing and priorities that makes any real difference in games guess i was hoping to find that magic button
  12. lots of questions i know but i've been tweaking nvidia drivers lately, currently using 82.12 and 83.40 along with rivatuner (latest build) and ntweaker 2.0 (not nvtweaker) i wanted some opinions from experienced tweakers about best settings for both I.Q. and High Performance i came across this tip from a poster elsewhere does anyone disagree this these or have some other recommended settings for I.Q? and besides overclocking, is this all that can be done? highest performance For the fastest (!) performance go into the cb of the driver. Chooce advanced settings 1) negative LOD-Bias set to clamp 2)Triple Buffer on (?) 3)all optimations on 4)force mipmap off 5)vSync off 6) IQ settings on High Performance 7)AA and AF off Now go to Rivatuner under the D3D-Tab 1)For the really best performance set ur LOD-Bias to a high vlaue (eg 3) 2)enable lossless compfimission 3)set shaders to 1.4 4)Set textures to High Quality oGl-Tab 1)again LOD-Bias to 3 2) all to high quality ,enable texture comprimission and force it on 3)enable texture sharpening also are any of the modified drivers such as x.g or z-tweaked have anything different than what i can set in rivatuner? any opinions on some of the latest drivers released?
  13. that and the power wire is all thats needed, however some bioses may require you to turn sata "enabled" but most likely you will need the driver floppy disk before windows will "see" your drive
  14. when installing windows you'll need to press F6 when prompted and insert the floppy disk with the sata drivers on it in order for it to recognize the drive. look at what type of sata chip is on the mobo and find the drivers, for instance if you have a VIA chipset you can download via's hyperion drivers and it will include the sata driver in containing folder labled driver disk or something like that, put that onto floppy and press F6 when prompted
  15. i believe all sata II ports support ncq if your hard drive supports it. some hard drives support some features of sata II like ncq theres no way to tell if its working but you wont notice it anyway especially on a home computer that isnt a server since that is the only thing ncq is made for i also tested it myself as i have ncq drive and mobo support, i switched to port that doesnt have ncq and benchies were exactly the same
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