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  1. Yea i know...we had xp but we had problems with that too so we just reinstalled me.
  2. I actually tried the registry thing last night and some of mine were missing so I made the registries, but it still didn't help. I emailed the support center on the olympus website (thank you) to see if they could help me at all. Thank you for your help, I'll let you know when they email me back In the meantime, if anyone comes up with anything, let me know!
  3. Ok,, I tried the new program you posted and it looked like it worked. A friend of mine helped me with the quicktime thing here and I got it reinstalled. Now I have another question....Im getting an error on my camera program (Olympus camedia 4.2) saying error # 0x80040707 mfcdll.checkQTVer Dll function call crashed. Anyone know what that is or how to fix it?!
  4. Yea, I checked out the website before I did anything, but since I only have windows me, I can't download the newest versions of quicktime. and yes when I tried uninstalling I was using add/remove, and it was working at first, but I selected the regular uninstall instead of the "uninstall everything" button which I was told to use on the quicktime website. Now when I try to click on that button, it's when I get the error messages. Thanks for those links, I'll def check them out and get back to you.
  5. Recently I've been experiencing problems with my digital camera software. During the installation it said there was a problem with mfcdell.checkqtver and it wouldn't finish. An error similar to This happened to me before about a year ago, but worked after an uninstall and reinstall. Now, I suppose the problem is worse and I can't use it because there is an error with quicktime somewhere. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I still have Windows Me so I hafta get older versions. I used the regular uninstall, not the "uninstall everything" button, until it didn't work. I looked on qui
  6. Did that already, not working... Thank you anyways. Anything else?
  7. Still doesn't work...same error as before. Any ideas??
  8. I just downloaded the Panda Titanium Antivirus, ran it and got rid of everything but 1 (which has been on my computer for a while and I know the camedia has worked with it) so now I should be ok. (I HOPE) What does this mean? I'm gonna try to reinstall the program now.
  9. Thank you....I downloaded the Panda titanium automatic protection antivirus, ran it and got rid of everything except 1 (which has been on my computer for a while, its in the system, and when we had a professional come one time he got rid of everything but that 1 also.) So that was good. It came with a firewall too, so I should be okay for now. For the sound drive though, how do I know which one to download? There are 2 in that link for ME. I have had this ME for that long, only because I have fun trying to fix everything, and because everyone here is so helpful. Thanks
  10. Well I just did tons of cleaning up and stuff. I'll take another test and post results and if you still think so I'll do some cleaning. Thanks for your help .
  11. I'd definitely like to...may need to sometime soon, but I just got everything up and running so probably not right now. So I uninstalled the program (camedia Master 4.2) and when I tried to reinstall it wouldn't let me. it said error number:0x80040707 DLL function call crashed Mfcdll. Check QTVer I have no idea what this means, but before this I was getting an error of quicktime.qts so I updated my quicktime (which I can't open for some reason) and that apparently didn't help. So now I have no camera program at all. Any new suggestions??
  12. No...but I usually don't have the sound turned up, so it most likely wasn't on when I lost it. But I just tried to listen to my music so I realized there was no sound, and no way to turn up/on the sound.
  13. New Problem: my volume controls are gone...There used to be a volume icon in the taskbar on the bottom right of my monitor, but now its gone. And i tried looking in start-programs-accesories-entertainment-volume controls, and it wont open. Could this be a result of cleaning out my computer so much and everything? And how do I get it back? This has happened on my computer before, but I think it just kind of came back one day.
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