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  1. I have a 4 gig micro sd card that I use for my phone, The card is connected through a sandisk usb conection adapter in my laptop, I can open it up as a another drive (F:) and transfer, delete files, but I cannot defrag the little bugger, for some reason. The error message i am getting is: This file does not have a program associated with it for preforming this action. Create as association in the folder options control panel. Did a google search, did not find anything relating to harddrive issues or flash cards. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Its finally coming, only time will see http://www.extreme-pc.ca/showproduct.asp?m...roductid=371414 http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=c...01&Itemid=1
  3. I was looking around the net, found this. http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=c...78&Itemid=1 http://www.tweaktown.com/news/7593/index.html interesting?
  4. first---- wrong forum !!!!! you bad mouth the results of the optimizer with " WTH " did you read the heading of the "general discussions" "be curteous at all times" some people will never learn if you want help there are better ways of asking!!!!!!!!!
  5. its been a few days since my last post with this subject i got so frustrated with win xp 64 so i went out and bought xp home from a buddy of mine for 40 bucks did a clean install and poof no more messages thanks everybody for the help win xp 64 is to buggy, i needed more stability
  6. hey thanks for the replies i was out of town yesterday for work will check into some of those suggestions in a little while once again thanks
  7. well both virus scans found nothing back to the drawing board
  8. thanks joe for sticking with me through this delema i am running the scan right now, i also have nod32 ran a scan earlier didnt find anything i guess you cant be to careful
  9. well i deleted the temp files and nothing still getting the same message also i found the folder where the message is coming from it coming from the "prefetch folder" located in c<windows<prefetch i did a search on the folder a couple of sites said the same thing that you can delete the contents of the folder, that in some cases it speed up the boot process so i did hoping it would eleminate the problem but nothing it still comes up i downloaded a couple of utilities programs maybe i had a registry errror somewhere or something just a sign to show tht something wo
  10. thanks joe for the help will go and remove them hope it works
  11. hey thanks for the reply Im pretty sure its not a trojan, the message is coming from a clean install of windows what i did in this order; clean install downloaded updates and patches downloaded nod32 downloaded zonealarm disconnected pc from internet (physically) then tried to install some games and got the error message Im not sure why this message is coming up I will keep looking thanks for the suggestion
  12. I keep getting this error, it goes up in increments for instance _is9.tmp _is10.tmp and so on and am trying to install some games on my laptop and this message pops up over and over " _is9.tmp has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience." "If your were in th middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost." "close" If anybody has a idea what this is, help is appreciated. thanks
  13. I have nod32 on all 4 four of my systems. Imo eset makes the best paid anivirus on the market. Nod32 and free zonealarm makes a great combo.
  14. I do alot of modding these sites are usually pretty good, I have never had a problem with any of these. http://www.xoxide.com/ http://www.xpcgear.com/ http://www.frozencpu.com/ http://www.crazypc.com/ http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/Home.jsp http://so-trickcomputers.com/ good luck
  15. I have spent close to 6 thousand with tigerdirect, never had a problem with them.
  16. thanx for the help will give them a try
  17. thanx anyway for the help I proably should stop here Im sure their are programs out there, the whole legal issue is one I wish not to cross. thanx everybody
  18. ya I looked at the license it does say i have it until 12/07
  19. no not really i save it to my hdd so i can view it anytime i want, to i just cant burn it to a dvd
  20. ok thanks I take that as a no It burns me up that fact, we as consumers pay for something to own, and you really dont own that. I know it happens everyday, man it really blows
  21. HI everybody, I have a question quick question I have a subscription to a site where I can download movies for a monthly fee. Right before the start to play they aquire a license, through windows media player I tried to burn them to a dvd, nero would not let me, it did not give me a explanition why but my guess its because of the license Is there a way I can burn all my movies to dvd, I figure their mine I payed for them I should be able to burn them to dvd? thanx
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