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  1. FINALLY! Success and relief. It took a combination of suggestions to get it done so I owe you all a beer. In case somebody encounters a similar problem, here goes: I got rid of it for good through "command prompt", but I had to first open command prompt, then shut down "explorer.exe", then in command prompt used: rmdir "C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Desktop\The Simpsons 2, 3, 4." /s then hit enter. But, the missing trick it took to complete the delete was, after completing the above, I then had to re-enter the "rmdir" line, this time using the "short" name the system had given the folder, THESIM~1. Folder gone bye-bye. Thanks again to all.
  2. I appreciate very much all the replies. I have tried each and every suggestion you all have given me. Nothing works. This problem seems to be "one for the books". Seems the main problem is that the computer refuses to acknowledge that this folder is there. That is why even the several methods I've tried from "command prompt" won't work because after each and every command, it informs me that the folder "does not exist" or "cannot find", and so on. Just in case someone may come up with any other idea's, here are the simple facts on this empty folder, most of which probably have nothing to do with the problem but I'm grasping at straws now: The icon for this is same old standard icon for all my folders. The name of this folder is: The Simpsons 2, 3, 4. "Right click" and "properties" on folder brings up: Type of file: File Folder Opens With: (Field is blank) Location: C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Desktop Size: 0 bytes Size On Disk: 0 bytes Created: (Field is blank) Modified: (Field is blank) Accessed: (Field is blank) Attributes: "Read only" and "Hidden" are both unchecked, and checking one or both and "apply" does not remain applied because both are again "unchecked" on the next "Right Click" and "Properties"
  3. Yep. Tried that too. The folder does not even show up in the desktop items. I'm about to try the command prompt and see what happens.
  4. Yes. Thanks. Desktop clean-up cannot remove it because it say's it is not there. It's not even listed in the wizard, but it is still there. I can see it, move it around on the desktop, but the computer say's it is not there. Very strange.
  5. UNBELIEVABLE! After a week of frustration, I have so far tried every suggestion and every program/utility posted on this subject and nothing works. They generally say either cannot find file path OR they say the folder does not exist, but it DOES exist because I've been looking at it for a week on my desktop. My head is spinning. Could this be the first absolutely un-deleteable folder in the history of PC's?
  6. Thanks, already tried that. It will let me delete the new folder with the same name, but get the same old message for the problem one.
  7. I can drag it to recycle bin, but when I try to drop, I get the same "cannot delete" message.
  8. I have all but given up hope that anything other than reformatting is going to get rid of this folder. A week ago, I simply created a folder on my desktop to copy some files into. I had a crash/power outage during the process, and ever since have been unable to delete the folder on my desktop. When I try, it says: "Cannot delete file; cannot read from the source file or disk". The folder is empty, nothing inside. It will not let me re-name it or move it to any other place on my comp except my desktop. I have tried rebooting in safe-mode, but it will not delete even in safe mode. I tried doing a system restore back to a point before I ever created the folder, but no luck, it still remains. I downloaded a program called "force delete" from pcworld.com but I could never figure out how to make it work. Somebody PLEASE tell me how I might get this folder to go away. Thanks. Dell Dimension 8400 P4, 3.4GHZ processor 1GB RAM WindowsXP, SP2
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