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  1. That IS pretty cool, but I feel bad for the families of the victims and the vicitms themselves.
  2. Well, I want to say Hawks, because I'm from Atlanta, but I think we're talking about football. So, I'm going to say now (late into the game) Steelers and Seahawks.
  3. Mytwocents:I agree with the part of DD being offended by the car accident and you maybe be offended by a flood victim, but no reason to get worked up about it. It's a joke, not meant to be nasty or cruel in any way.
  4. I thought that last nights episode was amazing! I love how they bring it all together. About 40 minutes into it, I was like, wow, there's nothing to be suspenseful for the next show, but then they show those containers, a whole NEW something to worry about. I love this show.
  5. I don't get why you guys have to over-analyze this show. It's exciting, and don't waste 10 minutes of your life trying to figure out what will happen next, and then say that you said it was predicatble. Just watch the show. Anyways, I thought that the first two hours were pretty cool. I was curious to see how Jack lived, but I thought he went to Mexico? Or Canada? Which one was it? Anyways, tomorrow's two hours look even more exciting. Plus, I've got HD, which makes it a LOT better. 1080p.
  6. OK...guys I think Neo had the answer. Lol, stop with the random movies. Oh, what the heck. - Fun with Dick and Jane
  7. Ok...so I've read this whole topic and I know what this is, but what should I do about it? Every link that I have followed leads to a site where I can't find the D/L for the patch. Will Microsoft have out a patch soon? Thanks and sorry for the confusion
  8. Ok...we can disect his post as much as we want, but still, he's (or she) is going to have to spend more than three seconds on a post to ask a question.
  9. Sorry, I'm too young.
  10. Hey----here's the explanation in a nutshell.... IE was made by microsoft...
  11. It was in GD and Site Feedback. I noticed that too, though...if it makes you feel better!
  12. The circle of fifths is a way to arrange keys to show how closely they are related to each other. It goes CFBflatEflatAflatDflatGflatBEADC Think of it as CF BEAD (flat) G(flat) BEAD C That's how I think of it. The eighth tone above a given pitch, with twice as many vibrations per second, or below a given pitch, with half as many vibrations. is your friend
  13. If I was looking for a good, everyday laptop used to run simple, everyday tasks, then I would definately look here. They have some really great deals. Also, you can try Gateway, Sony, and IBM. They're all out to get you the best deal (except in some cases IBM). You can personaliz your computers on these sites and make them just how you want them. If you want a higer-end one (not sure how the USD and the AUD rate is), but if you needed a higher end computer that can run a mammoth of a program, I would definately suggest AlienWare or Dell. I know some say AlienWare is way too expenive, but they make some damn good computers. As to your Mhz or Ghz question, RAM is meausred in MB's (mega-bytes). If you need it to only run one simple program (like firefox or internet explorer), then 256 will do 'ya. That will be least expensive. If this program is very technologically advanced and really needs alot of power, 512 MB, 768 MB, or even 1 GB of RAM might be needed. A little more information is needed to get an exact number. Hope all goes well, kmv2244
  14. 2878 kbps down 299 kbps up speakeasy.net
  15. Also, since my school uses IE, I have loaded Firefox, Netscape, and Opera onto my 1gb flash drive and then I just take it to my school and pick a browser to use. I don't know why, I just can't get used to the interface of IE. It seems too different for me.
  16. Bruce, you are something else......
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Edit: Man...I like quick edit
  18. What was the title? And yes, the forum did get hacked. Read here.
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