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  1. Also, as far as the freezing up issue goes, maybe some anti-spyware or virus protection programs may be blocking the program and impairing you performance. Might want to check into that.
  2. Sorry, I don't know. But this post will bump it to the top and someone will roll around. Just keep waiting!!!
  3. As far as the LCD upgrade goes, I would strongly recommend the LG monitor that I have. It's a "flatron" model from LG and it is L1710s. It's not the best in the world, but it certainly isn't the worst. It's good for gaming, and it has modes on it to reduce eye strain, focusing trouble, etc. Also, the hardware the comes with it is really great.
  4. OKAY, from scrolling back through everyone's words, I figured out the LAST word that was correctly changed was Juliet's "cope." So, I say nope NOTE: This is a FOUR letter word game and you change ONE letter at a time. NOT a word association game.
  5. Cold feet (don't know how I thought of that...it just popped in my head)
  6. I agree with the touchpad idea...just tap the touchpad to click, not the button. That's not loud...does that work for you?
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