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  1. Hi guys, Update on this speed issue. Talked with tech support again and had me download something from microsoft website to then tell him what my download speed was which was 124KB. He told me speed was fine because you times the big "K" by 8 to get the equivalent in bits. ( you are following aren't you ) So the gist of this is he says everything is fine. Would appreciats any comments on this subject to help ease my worn out head
  2. now 304 with the window at 64240. Off for a sulk whilst pondering my next move. thanks guys for all your help.
  3. Hi IG, I have changed the receive window to 64240 and it is still only 334kbs. Also tried Optimizer again also so it does not look good
  4. Hi Dark Destroyer, Thanks for your comments.The only thing that concerns me is if I change I dont want to change to a capped provider. I just dont know if telewest are being evasive on cable difficulties. Do you know of any providers that do not cap their service as I am on the internet all day. Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. Hi Intelguy, I have telewest cable 1mb. I rang their support line this morning and told him about the speeds I was getting and he said that about 300 was normal. He checked it thru zdnet and other checks such as ipconfig etc. I was wondering if I am limited to a certain amount of usage per month because it certainly seems slower than at any other time in the past. So from what youre saying their is definately something amiss. He said that speeds dont get anywhere near 1mb even though I have a 1mb connection. Maybe its time for a change and would welcome any other comments you
  6. Hi Intelguy, No idea what receive window means and so I have no idea on the prior optimizing. As for kbits/sec I dont know that either.I would not know how to find out what my ISP is promoting. thx anyways
  7. Hi, Hope this works. TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=EXU4MWSC4PRSSYJ7
  8. Hi, I too have just purchased this product and I still get Internet connection too slow.My Bandwidth down was 317 prior to purchase now its gone down to 276.Anyone got any ideas as I have just wasted my money.
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