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  1. Camera's flash light doesnt damage the computer. Its just bright light, nothing else.
  2. I havent have time to do anything like that yet cause i have a huge job installing all kinds of work stuff back on but thanks for telling me.
  3. Big thanks Tx Redneck, that helped alot. I checked the product page when i was buying the processor but now when you explained it, it made more sense. ... oh and i never heard about virtual cores before. ... i'm so newbie. Thanks again.
  4. Sorry about these stupid questions but this is my new system and i'm not an overclocker ... far from it actually... but can someone tell me why is this processor running at 3470MHz even though it says 3,20GHz in the box, and everywhere. My motherboard is ASUS P7P55D-E PRO but i didnt install those "auto overclicking" things yet so that cant be the case. This screenshot is with PC Wizard, so can that tell wrong numbers? Another noob question: This is a dual core processor right? Well, what does it mean when there is 4 of these CPU Usage history blocks in the Windows Task Manager? Here's a screen shot where i have a video converting on (which used ALL the CPU power on my old system, lol) I work a lot with video converting so I LOVE MY NEW MACHINE cause it handeled a project that use to take about 40 minutes in 7 minutes
  5. Thanks ... if you mean my setup. I had bad luck with this tho. When i went to change the order, the order said "delivered" So i got the 1333 kit after all. Thats that then. Thanks for helping.
  6. Oh ... Well thats it then. Im gonna change the order. Thanks KRAM!
  7. Thanks. ... so the processor's Memory Types DDR3-1066/1333 doesnt mean anything? http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43546 There it says Memory Types DDR3-1066/1333 The order still hangs so i could still change then to 1600.
  8. MB http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...0P7P55D-E%20PRO RAM http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...4-129-_-Product Can you believe that all the parts, not just memory, or motherboards, but EVERYthing is so much more expencive in Finland than they are in USA. I mean, i have to pay 188 Euro from the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro ... thats 255 US Dollars. OR the RAM, i have to pay 116 Euro, which is 157 US dollars. That is really unfair and i dont know why is it. I mean the components are usually made in Taiwan or something, so is it like shorter way from there to USA than it is to Finland or what it is? Another good example ... i recently bought Canon G11 In USA you can get it with $464 when i had to pay 569 Euro which is 772 USD. How unfair is that? Ok, sorry about this off topic
  9. I just ordered Core i5 650 and a kit of 1333MHz DDR3, but now the order hangs cause they dont have it. They DO have the same kit but in 1600MHz , and i could still change the order, but what does it do with the Core i5 650 that says Memory Types DDR3-1066/1333? (on Intel's site http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43546 ) Can i use 1600MHz DDR3 with Core i5 650 or is it no no?
  10. Yeah, thats what i thought too but there was these "air filled bags" inside the case, ... and looks like they worked cause the graphics card WORKS!!!
  11. Do you think so? I still havent have time to start to build it back up. I took most of the components out already, cause i was gonna buy a new motherboard anyway. ... but maybe i have to build it back up to find out if anything is working.
  12. Ok guys, to clear some things; this is/was not in USA, it's in Finland. I only got a part of the price back, not all of it. Enough to buy similar parts, motherboard, processor and a cooler ... lets hope the graphics card is still working. The whole deal included also a LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse. What i have read about Zalman's coolers, i would not send them installed! and like i said, i warned the seller about this. We have a webstore that sells computer parts and they also have installing service and they say they dont send these big coolers installed on motherboards. So that tells something. Who's fault is it? I dont know, but not my fault anyway. We would need a Sherlock Holmes to investigate it, and if they would have asked the PC back to investigate it, ... i would say it would cost more than the money that i got back.
  13. Yeah ... but i'm more worried about the graphics card cause the cooler looked like it dropped on that. I dont have a test machine so i cant try them. I only have DDR1 and AGP slots on this machine and on one other machine and then one laptop
  14. Not office, but more like the delivery. The seller said he made proper packing and he also put those "handel with care" glass stickers on it, which he had to pay extra ... but still the thing happened, so it was post delivery's fault.
  15. Oh no, dont worry about that. The post office already promised to pay me back almost the whole price i paid from the PC. I have a legal document about it, but i havent received the money yet. I just wanted to know if i can still use the processor and save money. I will buy a brand new motherboard anyway, cause im not gonna use a MB that has been treated like that.
  16. I dont think so either. The scratch is very very tiny. It may look big in that macro shoot, but if you compare it to something like a thumb screw, it doesnt look that big: http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/6214/img1461s.jpg Ok, i think i have to do that. I dont swear but i kind of have a feeling that this scratch is already done in the previous installation. The seller said his friend put the PC together and it was hard to install the cooler, Zalmann CNPS9500A. The Zalmann was kind of screwed too, but the bottom looked just nice after i cleaned it: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/3549/img1423s.jpg Oh and when you said OUCH! ... look at this how i received the PC: http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/7765/img1137s.jpg
  17. I bought a second hand PC and it got damaged in mail ... it's a long story, so i wont go there now, but the processor has a scratch on the surface and i'm askin now is it still useable? Looks like this: Thanks in advance.
  18. Assi

    Advanced System Care Free

    Yes, that helped a lot, thanks. I found the log now. Looks like i did the mistake to press the big CARE button on first go.
  19. Assi

    Advanced System Care Free

    I downloaded this yesterday and did some "caring" today and i was wondering a few things: 1. when i pressed the CARE button, it just did all the things and removed everything it found. I was like OMG!!! cause i always want to check before removing anything. 2. Is there a way to view what it removed? I mean log file or something. 3. The defrag option: does it do the same thing as Windows defragment does? I mean it did it a bit too fast. Thanks.
  20. Were you talking about ATi OD or GPU-Z?
  21. Oh phew Thanks so much. I thought someone fooled this poor geek. lol. BTW, does the GPU-Z do something else besides give you the numbers? ... looks like you have the PCI-e version ... i mean i have the AGP. Oh and does the Ati Overdrive do anything else than make the system unstable?
  22. I just bought this card (im not a ├╝ber gamer) and i was wondering ... the website says the memory is 512MB GDDR3 onboard memory (1400MHz) http://www.sapphiretech.com/us/products/pr...ew.php?gpid=168 but i am looking at the control panel (Catalyst Control center) and it says about the memory: Core Clock in MHz 581 MHz Memory Clock in MHz 702 MHz So, is someone fooling me or am i just stupid somehow? I bought the card second hand, but the card looked exactly like on the Sapphire website so it should be the same. I also checked this site: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/131 and it said my card is: Radeon X1950 Pro Core Clock 575 MHz Memory Clock 1.38 GHz So can someone tell me what is going on?
  23. Try this START > RUN and type control userpasswords2 press OK and see, if your old user account shows there. This works on XP, im not sure about other OS.
  24. But does it change the Normal startup to Selective startup like msconfig does?
  25. I decided to post this here cause there's a trick in using them on a same computer. Kaspersky (KAV) says when you install it, that it cant continue installing if you have ZoneAlarm personal firewall installed? Ok, here's what to do: First uninstall ZoneAlarm, then install Kaspersky (reboot) then re install ZoneAlarm, and you're done. No yak yaks from either of them. (this works at least with KAV 6 and 7 with ZoneAlarm version:6.5.731.000)
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