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  1. i have a wirless network with in the house with my desk top pc and 2 lap tops. how can i secure it so these are the ones ones that can log onto the internet? using a d-link wireless router if that helps any and windows vista. cheers all
  2. rb1

    dvd burner

    im running xp and its the only drive i have
  3. hi all. well my dvd burner has died so will have to replace it. do i need to uninstall the old one before i replace it or can i just swap them over?? if i need to uninstall it, how do i go about it??? thanks in advance. cheers rb1
  4. rb1

    start menu?

    thanks for your advice "hawk" followed what you said and all is "sweet" cheers again mate! they are now online.
  5. rb1

    start menu?

    thanks hawk!! will drop in afterwork today and give it a try and will get back and let you know if we had succsess. cheers mate.
  6. hi folks! some friends who have just set up a new pc running xp home were trying to get on-line using a pre-paid hours disc, after no luck, rang the provider and were given the details to do it manually but the" connect to "option is missing from the start up menu, any ideas?? thanks in advance.
  7. rb1

    safe mode?

    thanks folks, and to you volt, for the link--very informative site--should be able to learn a bit more! cheers! running xp by the way!
  8. hi all! this has been a great site and still is for someone still learning their way around the pc! ive often read posts advising others to start in safe mode and run scans ect. why is this? and how do you get in and of safe mode? please excuse my ignorance, but if i have to ask what may sound like silly questions to better understand my pc, ive got no choice. cheers all!
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