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    I collect playing cards and books. I love to read, play video games on the Game Cube, hang out with my sweetie and my daughter. I used to chat a lot, but now I don't, I do still mess around on the computer quite a bit, mostly playing with pictures. Taking photos is a recent hobby, and I really enjoy it. I received a digital camera from my fiancee for an early 34th birthday present, and we've put it to very good use in the last 3 years.

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    Gateway; OS: XP Pro; HD: 200 GB; RAM: 512 MB; DVD drive; CD-RW drive ... don't think this is all about the puter, but I'm tired of filling this out already. LOL
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  1. bookwormia ... "bookworm", because I love to read and "ia" because I live in Iowa.
  2. The song I listen to alot is called "Faded Flowers" by Shriekback. The first time I heard the song it was in a movie called "Band of the Hand" ... took me forever to find the song. I make my bf play it whenever he is playing dj in yahoo chat. I love melancholy songs like "Faded Flowers", but I listen to just about anything, I'm not picky! Other fave groups/artists are: Leonard Cohen; Enya; Blue Oyster Cult; Guns 'n Roses; Bay City Rollers (hehe used to listen to their "Dedication" album ALOT and that came out when I was 5 years old!) .... there's just too many to list!
  3. I work at a pork processing facility. I invert intestines. This is NOT my dream job! LOL ... I've only been working there for the past 7 months. I used to work as a typesetter in a calendar factory and I really loved it, but the place closed down... so I went to work at the piggy factory. Hopefully I'll be able to get at least a clerical job there eventually. :help:
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