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  1. microsoft says ultimate upgrade is 259.00 er...will that upgrade xp pro?
  2. the ultimate is is!!! thanks rah what about putting the 3.4 prescott in this box?...dennis
  3. the board supports prescott..thanks for your comments brandon....dennis
  4. Say I was thinking I would like to try windows vista....I took the "Vista test" and passed Right now my box has a msi 865-pe-neo-2 pfisr board pc 2700 512x4 and a intel p4-2.8B(northwoods) 533 mhz processor...it runs fine but I am sure it is slow compared to most of the new computers...My average pit score I would have to say is 1,600.... I cant afford a new computer...Now I can buy new a 3.4 800 mhz prescott processor for$135.00 (have to get a new heat sink and fan)... 1. is my computer worth doing this? 2. will i gain a significant performance boost..3. will I have to reinstall everything..windows xp etc.? or should I leave a well running computer alone? thanks for any advice on this folks....dennis
  5. Hi, I just upgraded my 4 year old analog lcd monitor to a 19" samsung digital monitor. ok I think the digital interface is a significant improvement over the analog input. I am very happy with this monitor. anyway you should be able to find a nice 17" monitor. I think you should try to find a name brand monitor, at least you will find it easier to deal with a major brand if and when you ever need service.
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