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  1. Oh the reason I put 3 burners in it is after a drives gets hot I switch to another and back and forth and so on and on lol
  2. duanester...I remember when the computer was set up I just plugged the raptor in the first sata input since there was only 3 ide ports I just plugged the 3 cd- dvd burners in them...( i have burned about 3000cd's(the drives last for about 500 then give up the ghost) so this computer has been very good to me and has work flawlessly.. If I put this new hard drive in the top ide port can I put one of the burners on the same cable? then I can leave the othe 2 where they are.... anothe funny thing I noticed is I just got a wireless keyboard but you cannot get into the bios with it since it only co
  3. You know duane I think I will try that. I just have to get up the courage to do it I am betting that you are 100 Percent right...It has been a few years sice I messed with workin with the bios and stuff... den
  4. mine did the same thing...I bet you downloaded there inrterface for selling music called "urge"...I just deleted it and everything is back to normal
  5. ok guys thanks for your help I REALLY APPRECIATE IT.....ok here is the first boot page sorry for all my confusion....auto detec....primary master cdrom auto detec slave cd rom auto detec second master cdrom auto detec second slave not detected " " third master ide hard disk...the raptor i guess " " third slave not detected " " 4th master not detected " 4th slave not detected
  6. you know all i wanted was to have another hdrive for photoshop...so much for this full featured board...den
  7. re...disk mgmt drive is not showing there...ok this is what i know...I took jumper off back so now its single instead of cable select....on 2nd boot page it says this....sata tx2 plus bios version 100.1030.26 9e0 2002-2005 promise tecnology inc.......do wdc wd80 tb00jjco76319mb ultra dma 5 ide busmaster enabled...so i guess it sees the drive.....DEVICE MANAGER SAYS YELLOW ! ON WIN FASTRAK 376/378 CONTROLLER....WHEN i TRY TO UPDATE THE DRIVER IT WONT GO...PROBLEM CODE 10...i guess it wont go if I lived in a bigger city i should have got a sata drive and just plugged it in just one of those th
  8. Hi dennis here, say here is my problem... My computer has just 1 hard drive it has a wd-raptor sata drive it has worked great. today i bought a 80 gig wd cavier eide drive(to use as a scratch disc for photo shop)...I connected it to ide 3 (the only one left) remember the wd-raptor is a sata drive...ok my computer does not find the new drive...i called msi...he had me download some drivers...it did not help...still does not show the drive anywhere...ok here is my question...the jumper setting on the wd- cavier drive is set to "cable select position" should I try to set it to slave or somethi
  9. BUBBA right on man. Best tip I have used, your the man...thanks
  10. Thanks for the great advice, sorry i did not get back to this sooner. I dowwnloaded the program hawk and it works like a champ. p.s. I never had a problem with the old autofix dave I just ignored the antivirus warning as suggested. again thanks for the great advice hawk
  11. thanks hawk... the autofix is gone so i am having trouble manually removing the overflow, its 93mb.
  12. next question were you blasting them to loud do you think you could have damaged them?
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