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  1. Got a real stumper I think. Just purchased a new Samsung 52 in LCD that has internet access capability. Prob is that I have a wireless network set up in another room and the connection on TV is RJ45 lan connection. My question, is there a way to connect a lan connection to a wireless adapter and use wireless network for access. Biggest problem is all the adapters I have found need drivers to be installed and cannot do that on TV. Ant help will be greatly appreciated. Also if this not in right forum, please transfer to right one.
  2. Click on Start then click on Run, Type msconfig in box, Choose OK, System Configuration will come up. Click on Boot tab Will show all boot records. Highlight the one you do not want and click delete.
  3. BgHrly

    Vista Oddities

    True enough, but I never had an OS refuse to boot when I had dual boot XP or any previous OS installed, was always able to remove partitions and drives without any problem.
  4. BgHrly

    Vista Oddities

    One of the odd things I have run into installing and repairing Vista systems is that Vista has a nasty habit of installing its boot files on the first active drive or partition it finds, so it is possible to have system files on one drive or partition while boot files can reside on another. If this happens and something happens to the drive or partition with boot files on it this will make tour system unbootable and get a BOOTMGR.exe missing or corrupt error. After lots of research I found probably the only fixes that will allow you to get your system back to full running order. I found t
  5. Don't think he called you an idiot and I think his idea was a good hint. Must be having a bad day.
  6. Open case, on motherboard is a round silver battery about the size of a quarter. Remove battery and wait about ten minutes, should reset bios and remove any password. Make sure power is unplugged before attempting this. BTW
  7. 2) Personal attacks, rudeness, flaming, baiting, insults to others, or arguments will not be tolerated. Challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Any member who threatens anyone on the forum, via PM, instant messengers, or Email, will be banned immediately without notice. Evidently you don't read rules very well either. Although you are entitled to your opinion, many of your remarks are uncalled for and you are lucky that a moderator has not seen this.
  8. 1. Yes it is 2. If they are good, and if you are spending any time at all on gaming, you are cheating the company . Yes they can detect deleted software in most cases, registry entries most times will not be removed when you delete software. 3. No way you can, if computers belong to company, unless you have permission to install them, they have every right to limit what is put on their machines The name of the game in business is productivity, and if any time is spent on games, you are getting paid to play at work. Best advice I can give is wait til you get home then play all the game
  9. We really need to know what brand and model of motherboard you have.
  10. Front side bus at the following frequency ranges: - 400MHz (100MHz Core Clock) - 533MHz (133MHz Core Clock) - 800MHz (200MHz Core Clock) - 1066MHz (266MHz Core Clock) Supports Hyper- Did you set your Core clock to 266mhz?
  11. You may need to check MB Manufacturer. Sometimes saying 1066 supported only means 1066 will run but only run at the 533 stated in bios.
  12. Simple renaming the extension from TIFF (.tif) to JPEG (.jpg) is not a way to change this different formats. Convert TIFF to JPEG with ReaJPEG!
  13. Try this: http://www.reasoft.com/rea-tiff-convert-jpeg.shtml
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