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  1. well its red baron time, will think of what to eat after. bacon wrapped anything is a good idea tho
  2. we had lasagna, crusty bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping...............and the start of many red barons
  3. Finishing off a few red barons. Then gonna dine on roast chicken stuffing and boiled veggies.....then maybe a few more red barons
  4. having a Red Baron!! on second one >>Red Baron<<
  5. I want to trust me, but i don't have that type of disposable cash at the moment.
  6. I dont have a GPU folding anymore, just smp, and man its slower cant afford a GPU at the moment, maybe not till Xmas or later, would love to find a 40 dollar top end video card ha! but for now, I will see what the SMP can do, and thanks for the welcome back! its been a good 6 months and no one missed me
  7. funny you should say that.....guess who just got his computer fixed after 6 months down?
  8. go sho, go! I too havent bough new stuff in so long.....the Golf bug takes more of a priority now whatcha git?
  9. im kinda new. does that count? Congrats RAH your one consistent folder con grats to cobalt and fantasyland
  10. welcome aboard to the few the strong the mighty!!
  11. good ideas there, remember tho, in canada, I can add on another 100 bucks for those cards.
  12. I use to be able to crank out about 2500ppd. but lately my machine has been a stumblin. I have to turn off foldin to run my PC. I think my video card is biting the dust. my ppd may drop teamies, as I have to buy a new video card, so I must save. anyone have sub 200 dollar video cards for folding???
  13. get well OG. you just retired, you need to enjoy it!! get well
  14. got windows 7 beta working on a old P4 P2.8 with hyperthreading with 768mb of ram. and I must say is is very responsive. I don't think vista would have worked this well on this PC. so far im rather impressed
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