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  1. long time no see, hope all is well with you.
  2. all i can say is holy freakin wow!!! they will LOVE IT!!!
  3. I love sirius!! classic rewind is one of my usual channels, but i also love hair nation. I did like channel 29 that had great old punk, then they got rid of it. I was kinda bummed at that. and the boom box puts out a pretty good sound too!
  4. 17!!! oh yeah!!! was one of my best years!! enjoy it lilbill, well your not so lil anymore.
  5. im sorry i forgot this too. I know folding is for a good cause, but it sure is nice to get congrats when you hit a big milestone!! here's to another million!
  6. congrats Devan!!!! truly awesome!!!!!!!!
  7. happy birthday gag!!! keep foldin!!
  8. agreed slash has more "soul" than buckethead and the rest of the guitarist he used
  9. some of the songs are top notch. some of them are certainly different. I dont mind the album tho
  10. have one family loves it. and when guests come over we play all sorts of games. the wii is great entertainment!!!
  11. Hey there handy smurf, welcome to the pit.
  12. happy birthday Ax, hope your still lurkin!
  13. someone would buy Chrysler after chapter 11, maybe GM?? maybe Kia/Hyundai??? Chrysler has a top notch design company, just cars are too expensive...imagine a challenger for a majenta price.
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