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  1. awesome rig man!!! some great hardware there
  2. maybe not at max settings, but I dont see why you couldnt
  3. do golf carts tires spin fast enough to show the pictures???
  4. i want them, so instead of waving my gun in my fit or road rage, I can just write them a special "love note"
  5. lol i cant say that my x2 encodes no problem with 512mb L2 I can winavi to dvd in 18min convertXtoDVD is a bit longer at 30min (but you already decided) my everyday OC is 2.6, I could go 2.7 but no need. I have easily hit 2.8, but that was it for me (crappy mobo and my ram was at 250 @1:1) either way I love that I can fold, encode, extract, and surf all at the same time no issues
  6. wow, thats a nice lookin cooler. I should do something for my 7800gt... on anther note why dont they just socket the grahpics CPU on the mobo, and have a few ram slots as well? sure would be easier to upgrades and cool.
  7. miggs didnt you already settle on the 7600?
  8. happy birthday from one newf to another
  9. hey virgin i like your rig and nice score
  10. my 4200+, i can get to 2.7 stable at 250FSB. after that i cant get her stable. i got the cheapy K8 NF41 mobo from eVGA tho. thinkin i need a asus or a dfi tho
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