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  1. Wipe that junk off and throw it away. Get Arctic Silver or a brand MADE for computers.
  2. They come in UV colors, Blue,green and red too
  3. its better to make ur own http://www.crazypc.com/products/cableswires/connectors.htm or these for sata http://www.frozencpu.com/ele-135.html
  4. I am so rotten at explaining software stuff. The best thing to do is start over with a clean slate. Format. (every time I try to fix something I make it worse) I dont think anyone is better at explaining the correct way than X C, http://www.xcso.com/ and I must say Beautiful Webpage X C
  5. I like the HIS IceQ versions. They have faster memory and OC nicely.
  6. It seems very low. I am definately not the one to ask about software but is that a clean install? it looks like there is a bunch of repeated stuff
  7. I hate decisions, first it was the $99, than the $109, than the $119 and now the $135...lol Check out this review(and its only one not SLI) http://www.legitreviews.com/article/336/1/ Now I realise this is no 7900GT but you gotta love them for a SILENT card. And they only use 32 watts(7600GT 67 Watts) and can be OCd to 535/515.. EDIT: dam I change my mind more than Miggs.lol, I ordered 2 of the XFX ver.
  8. Thanks wdey for the concern, I am so . THERE IS NONE REFURBISHED AT NEWEGG!Im gonna have to get retail ones...This is like the first time in a year.. The XFX cards are $133 but look so cool.
  9. RMA, thats a laugh...I usually mess around with stuff as soon as I get it... I was just gonna ask about the XFX cause they have the cool Black and Green OC version at newegg. The other one I liked was the Gigabyte ver as its blue (like the case)
  10. Try to eliminate the sharp bends and the small holes in the brass fittings. The reason they use pins or grids in the modern Blocks is because of a lack of restriction and to add surface area.
  11. LOL, I knew I should have got the X1800... The 7600GS are $109 and have no fan. I am trying to be near silent. I just bought a DFI Expert from Newegg for $112(refurb) and got a great case Ultra Aluminus ($49 for a alum case) I was thinking cause the 7600's have big heatsinks I could custom paint them and add LED's in each one. This case is so sweet and has near perfect cooling after a little modding (and did I mention it was $49) http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=13147 I never thought I would ever go SLI (I like ATI) but $218 for 2 video cards, how could I resist.. (this is like a $700 SLI comp)
  12. I am building a comp for a contest and need a cheap SLI. (Im broke) They are about $109 ea at newegg. Now before you say Get a X1800 or 7900 I havent played a game in several mos. Its more for show. 1- no fans (very quiet, case will have very good airflow) 2- no added power(easier for modding wiring) 3- not much heat added to case compared to X1800 4- its a show, shiney is #1 benchmark is #2
  13. try and get a X800GTO if you can. The 6600 is only 128 bit memory. or this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...82E16814150130R
  14. http://wiring101.blogspot.com/ See I put the res above everything, that way bubbles rise to the top. And its easier to fill. Most pumps need to be primed to actually pump. There is not a lot of suction. Mostly they just push the water. The pumps are mostly for outside fountians so the impellers are smaller and the housing is bigger so chunks or rocks can pass through. The prob is that makes them not have too much pressure.
  15. Is that 3 8mb buffer HDDs? Thats as fast as my 4 Hitachis. Good score.
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