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  1. Jo-Ann: I, too, have an eMachine (T6000) and had major problems with it for the first couple of weeks. It went back for repairs the first time and came back with the comment that nothing was wrong ...... wouldn't boot and nothing was wrong??? When I went to pick it up I requested that they run it for me before I took it home ----- nada! Sent it back for another diagnostic proceedure and it was discovered that the HD was shot. New HD was installed and (KMA3X's) it's been fine ever since. Not that this will help you any ...... but, it was my understanding that a batch of HD's were installe
  2. Where can I find AVG? Have an older computer with no virus protection at the moment and a brand new one that will be running out of the free trial with Norton. I also purchased a Norton System Works 2004 and am wondering how to install it on the new computer once the trial runs out. Do I have to uninstall the free trial Norton before I install the NSW? After reading the posts concerning Norton's messing up XP home, I'm having second thoughts about installing NSW on my new one. Thanks for any help/suggestions.
  3. New computer - downloaded Ad-Aware and ran it. It's coming up with 116 files but a lot of them are Reg-Keys. Do I really want to quarantine those things? This is spooky!
  4. Bless you, Hawk ........... I have the Product Recovery and Diagnostic CD that came with the computer and I remember using it eons ago when Windows98 needed to be reinstalled (for some odd reason) and IBM tech help walked me through it. I'm assuming that's the correct CD because I had to re-enter the number that came with the Microsoft booklet. Right (hope, hope, hope)?
  5. Have an older computer that is now totally confused (my back-up computer) and I'm wondering how to uninstall Windows98 and reinstall same. Have never done this before and don't want to kill the computer doing it. Any help will really be appreciated.
  6. And ............ if your considering Dell (which is a great machine), try calling their sales or tech support lines. You will NOT be happy. Everything is off-shore and when you wind up in India and attempt to understand what they are trying to tell you as they read from their scripts, you'll think twice. Dell has an online forum, however, and the people who frequent it are a major help.
  7. Possibly getting rid of AOL might also get rid of WildTangent ?... don't use AOL anyway except for IM (and that's a stand-alone program, isn't it?). And, your right - it was bundled. Bigfix appears to be a convenient program though ------ eMachines sends Microsoft updates earlier than I get them from MS. As I'm not all that familiar with WinXP I'm leery of dumping things that just "might" be important. Although . if one is going to mess up the computer, best to mess it up while under guarantee ....... dickster - I found the item you mentioned in AIM and that took care of the auto-load
  8. Ok ---------- I attempted to disable it out in msconfig by removing the checkmark. Didn't work and a box popped up upon reboot stating: "System Configuration is currently in Diagnostic or Selective Mode, causing message to be displayed and the utility to run everytime Windows starts. Choose Normal Startup mode on the General tab to start Windows normally and undo the changes you have made". Tried it 3X's and finally put the checkmark back in. I gather I can't get rid of it that way?? Apparently this was already in the machine when I set it up. I also attempted this to prevent AIM from lo
  9. Thank you all - will try the suggestions. What IS the spyware that is running anyway?
  10. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...M77AWDRQJMSJGR3 Just set up a new 'puter ----- test results tell me that my harddrive isn't running well. Would someone take a look at this test and tell me what's happening? Thanks a ton!
  11. RAH ---- Yes, have tried that and no, it didn't work. merlin_ ---- There is no iso in MY Nero (sheeeeeesh) bacterozoid ----- will try that as I burned 20 images this evening. and they were burned as VCD files (?) ------ won't work on my 'puter. dickster --- downloaded the irfanview.exe to try to view that disc. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! I need a :beer: and I don't even drink!!! The reason for all this: will be looking for a new computer soon (VERY soon) and I just don't want to lose these pics if I can help it. BTW - any suggesti
  12. Nope - no DVD player. Nothings helping so far ------ I refuse to give up!
  13. Nero's version is 5.5 and offers a tab for burning Video's and Pictures ..... but in the sub-tab it will only burn VCD or SVCD files.
  14. Files are JPG and BMP with an occasional GIF. Tried opening them with Paint and that didn't work either. Will try the recommended viewer, thanks dickster.
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