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  1. Jo-Ann: I, too, have an eMachine (T6000) and had major problems with it for the first couple of weeks. It went back for repairs the first time and came back with the comment that nothing was wrong ...... wouldn't boot and nothing was wrong??? When I went to pick it up I requested that they run it for me before I took it home ----- nada! Sent it back for another diagnostic proceedure and it was discovered that the HD was shot. New HD was installed and (KMA3X's) it's been fine ever since. Not that this will help you any ...... but, it was my understanding that a batch of HD's were installed that were defective .......... go figure!
  2. RAH ---- Yes, have tried that and no, it didn't work. merlin_ ---- There is no iso in MY Nero (sheeeeeesh) bacterozoid ----- will try that as I burned 20 images this evening. and they were burned as VCD files (?) ------ won't work on my 'puter. dickster --- downloaded the irfanview.exe to try to view that disc. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! I need a :beer: and I don't even drink!!! The reason for all this: will be looking for a new computer soon (VERY soon) and I just don't want to lose these pics if I can help it. BTW - any suggestions for a good all-around 'puter in the mid-price range? Not Dell ----- heard their customer support has hit rock bottom of late (darned shame)!
  3. Nope - no DVD player. Nothings helping so far ------ I refuse to give up!
  4. Nero's version is 5.5 and offers a tab for burning Video's and Pictures ..... but in the sub-tab it will only burn VCD or SVCD files.
  5. Files are JPG and BMP with an occasional GIF. Tried opening them with Paint and that didn't work either. Will try the recommended viewer, thanks dickster.
  6. I need to burn a whole bunch of photos to a cd disc before I start messing around with my old computer and I tried to save a couple as a test. When I went to view the saved files my computer said it had no viewer for them so I tried opening in several different ways. Nada! All that comes up is characters. I'm using Nero with my burner and the Nero tech told me to burn the photos as "data". No go there, either ------ there is no viewer to view them. It burns music with no problem though. The computer is a 5 year old IBM, running Win98, and in need of help and I don't want to lose these pictures if the "help" consists of uninstalling/reinstalling Win98. Any suggestions? I would REALLY appreciate it!!
  7. aeroman ----- Ok, here's where my lack of knowledge shows up: would you be so kind as to instruct me as to just how to change/enter an init string?? I connect at 50667 now and the 'phone line leading back to the house is under 10 years old ------ 'course, the rest of the 'phone system is no doubt as antique as I am. It's not a dedicated line ..... there is a telephone attached to it also I use CallWave and that has never been a problem as far as disconnects go. They just happen!! Getting on line today took 3 tries .... 2 of the disconnects came within a minute of signing on. As far as DSL ----- am NOT paying those prices!! Thanks for the help and the conversation -- you sure do learn alot in these forums!
  8. Make it "3" with dial-up..............came into this thread intending to ask about the constant disconnects but see I don't have to. When I talked to my server I was told that it was (without a doubt) my modem going bad. Since I have a 4 1/2 year old IBM complete with a Rockwell modem I kind of figure they could be right ........... BUT ........... if that were the case, why can I sometimes stay connected for hours and other times I'm lucky to get 15 minutes in before I need to reboot to stay connected. BTW - they offered to install a USRobotics modem for me for $50 (modem and labor). Can't try another Server as I live in a one horse town, way back in the sticks ('phone line is too long, maybe?) and just consider myself lucky that there's ONE Server for my number. Just musing is all ...............
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