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  1. One thing that bugs me about the Overdrive scan results, as a laptop user, is the rankings. They seem pretty irrelevant when your laptop is being compared to desktop PCs. So it would be nice to maybe have the option to compare only with other laptop test results
  2. Thanks, cool site. Definite ringtone potential on there too
  3. JDPower

    JkDefrag GUI

    Um, all the GUIs are listed in the JKDefrag homepage and in the docs that come with JKDefrag when you download it. Personally I use the JKDefragStarter GUI, nice and simple and no bloat. (Shouldn't this thread be in the Windows or Software sections?)
  4. So you do, I'd never noticed that as with ctrl and shift being directly above each other I'd always pressed them first. But then the exact same is the case with ctrl-alt-delete, you have to press ctrl and alt first then delete.
  5. That's quite awkward, and further apart, on my keyboard.
  6. Ever frustrated by having to use two hands to bring up the task manger using Ctrl-Alt-Delete? Use Ctrl-Shift-Esc instead, easy with one hand
  7. One other thing, in the Software>Processes section says my soundcard tray icon should be disabled. This should be optional IMO, it certainly can't be disabled on my laptop as it has no seperate volume control so disabling it results in me having no volume control at all. So should be optional IMO, not disable. (Sigmatel soundcard - Process is stsystra.exe)
  8. Doesn't work for me, runs the tests no problem but I get no results. After the page where you enter your upload/download speeds etc it just takes me back to the start page (Address - http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/default.asp). If it's relevant theres a message above the "Welcome back..." that says 'Intro: false' WinXP Home, IE7 (both fully updated) and logged in to PCP. EDIT: Works if using the anonymous test, doesn't work logged in
  9. Don't take his posts too seriously, he's a spammer (the links in his sig are the spam), this is not the only forum he's stumbled into recently to post spurious comments just to spam with the sig links. Unfortunately this forum doesn't seem to have a 'Report post' button anywhere or any way of reporting any spam, abuse etc so it's even easier for spammers to go uncaught
  10. Just use this instead: http://www.linkagogo.net/go/Convert?inform...format=netscape
  11. Isn't that the default setting in XP anyway? It'd only need changing back if you'd changed it in the first place.
  12. I think Minnie must have some plugin installed (Google/Yahoo toolbar perhaps?)
  13. I'm using IE7 and have no such option under Tools
  14. JDPower

    Disk Defrag

    I find JKDefrag better myself but Auslogics is good too.
  15. Thats all I get too and the beep is near inaudible.
  16. Sure this has been posted before but its well worth a repost. I first used this about a year ago and it certainly improved my tested upload and download speeds (about 20k improvement in both on my 1Mb connection and a definite improvement in connection quality) Highly recommended.
  17. A fairly simple tip that alot of people probably know but for anyone that doesn't very useful IMO (I have been using single click for a long time now)
  18. Fasterfox is rubbish but the rest are ok. (I would suggest FireTune instead)
  19. Or JKDefrag which IMHO is the best defragger around at present: http://www.kessels.com/JkDefrag/index.html
  20. JDPower

    prefetch folder

    Yup. Why? Surely that is what you use your computer for, or do you just spend your whole time turning it on and off? (not being rude just can't see the reason behind it)
  21. JDPower

    prefetch folder

    It won't go wrong, you'll just have a slightly faster boot time and slightly slower launching applications
  22. JDPower

    prefetch folder

    Yes though if you empty the entire prefetch folder you delete the layout.ini file which IIRC controls the programs prefetched at boot time. This takes three restarts to rebuild (though sometimes never reappears apparently - fixable with the 'ProcessIdleTasks' command).
  23. JDPower

    prefetch folder

    I would say yes, uncheck it. Windows already removes old entries automatically and does so in a way that won't adversely affect the prefetch function (and you'll be freeing up such a tiny amnount of disk space its really not worth it). The developers of CCleaner are I think of the same opinion now, as a result it was moved to the advanced section of CCleaner
  24. JDPower

    prefetch folder

    What has failed downloads got to do with prefetch? Thats some strange logic, by that logic nearly every folder on the computer should be emptied because they're 'accessible'. And its nothing like the Windows updates folder so I don't see how you can make any comparison.
  25. JDPower

    prefetch folder

    Not for long they don't as Windows automatically prunes unused prefetch files. And there is very little space gain as like previous poster said they are limited to 128 entries, typically around 5Mb max. Therefore cleaning prefetch is pretty pointless
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