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  1. flyfishingrules2, Thank you for your feedback. Do you have a suggestion on how to fix this? Aaron
  2. Hey Guys, Can you please review my site, and tell me what you think? http://www.studertech.net Aaron
  3. Well Guys, I think I'm going to buy one and try it out Anyone else going to give it a try?
  4. HackerFreeware


    http://en.fon.com/info/whats_fon.php What do you think? Good Idea? Is it safe?
  5. Ok Guys! I have cleaned the site up a bunch Check it out and let me know. Thanks Aaron Edit... BTW the changes that I made only changed the layout and look of the site. I'm working on the content now
  6. How about using JAlbum? http://jalbum.net/
  7. all4sma, 1. Thanks 2. I have removed that google ad and replaced it with a small google search box. What do you think? 3. Any ideas on how too "Spice it up"? 4. I deleted Computers, Products and About Us. Right now it is just me and my girlfriend. She takes calls and schedules appointments and does the bookkeeping, etc. so there is a US I guess... and some day I hope to hire 5. Yes, I have a business license. Thank! Aaron
  8. tito, Thanks for the feedback I have updated my site to reflect your suggestions. What do you think? Aaron
  9. Hello Guys! Can you please take a look at my business website and tell me what you think? Thanks Aaron (http://www.alscs2.net)
  10. You guys want to start a guild?
  11. Anyone here play Guild Wars?
  12. Not Cool. I think that bracks a rule?
  13. Good. I do it all the time.
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