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  1. Get the fire extinguisher ready! She may burst!
  2. Yeah sometimes it could be a mix of both. DVD-Rom going a wall and bios going.. Errrm.... Hello what are we supposed to do with this..... "Hard Lock". >.< My Laptop had that issue Until I went to Asus website downloaded the Bios and had to RMA the Multi-Rom Drive. Asus Customer support is something to be desired that's for sure... Please Hold..... I'm a cell phone mind ya.. About 25 minutes of music. I get someone from India. Lets put it this way. My phone was fully charged. By the time I got off the phone. The low battery warning was charming away. lol
  3. haha well it has media player 12 which is fancy. Media Center is a no go. I No longer see it in the beta. I could be wrong and didn't look hard enough.. Anyways. Id say give it a shot? It's worth seeing what the beta and final release is going to be like. Windows 7 is highly geared for touch screen capabilities. It has fancy big buttons to push. If you are easy amused by flashy lights when you push the buttons on the task bar. Then this version of Windows is just for you. It is however lighter on demand for hardware. I guess that's a plus. Like my other post. my machine ranked from 6.0 Solid to 7.9 I'm not quite sure if that's just a hiccup with the new Software or drivers for my current hardware. Who knows.
  4. Yeah I fixed it the quote. lol yeah I missed the "if" I read the post really fast. lol Oh well Right now Im having some issues with my card reader. haha Apparently a 24 in 1 reader isnt in the top priority. it is a slimmed down version of vista I can say that. However the Windows Exeriance thing is still off by so much. Vista I would get a rate of 6.0 with win 7 I get 7.9 I know that can't be right. lol Anyways. Take care bruce and the rest of the gang. Im going to try to break something in win 7 and give a nice report to ms.
  5. Naw I checked bud. Its says I have 4096 installed only using 3325 total according to the resourse monitor.
  6. well here is an update. Downloaded it. Burned to a DVD use the CD key provided from MS. Looking good so far. I did notice a flaw right off the batt. During install and initial startup. It connects to the world wide web without any type of protection to set up your network. I kinda went.. Errrm... I smell a problem with that.. Of course I've sent MS a Feedback partition to that. Also. I see The Auro has changed. Looks flashy. It's most likely based for touch screen computers for sure. It has more themes.. Oddly enough it knew my Video card drivers.. Hell all my drivers for that matter. I just had to install my UPS battery backup software. I'll keep you guys posted if I run into a problem. Maybe you guys can try the same thing out to see if you get the same error. I wanted to download the 64 bit version but It said something to do with connection failed every time. so.. I was kinda forced to use the 32 bit.. I'm enlightned to see Windows 7 Pretends to use 4 Gigs of memory.. but we all know better. 3.25 maximum addressing for 32 bit os.
  7. Thank you Bruce. I am currently running vista ultimate right now.. I'll just do a whole image back up on my external drive and play with this for a bit. haha I can't wait to see what bugs I can squeak out of win 7. Vista for the most part is fixed to my knowledge. I just have 32bit game and 64bit game conflicts. Guess the game industry needs to catch up. Again thanks. Download says half way done already. got 1 gig left to download at around 20 minutes or so.
  8. lol.. Yeah.. I see a problem here.. Horndog.
  9. Yeah. I know right.. The price on these things are just soo expencive! >.<
  10. I'd Pick http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115051 but then again. I always try to go for the best.
  11. will it run vista? yes. With SP1 Vista has become alittle more stable. So.. Maybe it's going to become something close to xp.. However they need to do something about the memory usage. Other then that.. It seems to be working ok. All my desktop units are XP Pro or home additions.. My notebook is the only one with the Vista Primium Sp1. (Uses notebook more then the desktops)
  12. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16832116400
  13. It's Got to be a virus. First test said so.. Virus can cause these issues. Run a scan clean up the virus and retest Hope that helps
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