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  1. Yep, it's been awhile. Real sorry to hear about Y. When did this place change to PC Matic? I know it's the name of the software, but the forum too?
  2. According to CPU-Z, it's a ASUS X712DAP motherboard w/ a Ryzen 3 processor, Radeon graphics. I've done some preliminary research on the presence of Flex mode on this motherboard and found nothing useful...
  3. Howdy folks, been awhile. My question: Always before, in order for memory to be dual channel, there had to be 2 equal size/type sticks of memory in the proper slots. I now have an ASUS laptop with 4gb soldered to the motherboard, and another 4gb stick (replaceable). The laptop will hold a max of 12gb of memory, but I suspect that if I swap that 4gb stick out for an 8gb stick, it will no longer be dual channel. Is this still true? Am I also correct in assuming that even though I'll have more memory, the fact that it is no longer dual channel means memory performance will take a hit? Thanks for any insight, -kd5-
  4. Thanks everybody! Been awhile. Since smart phones and tablets pretty much destroyed my computer repair business several years ago, my interests shifted from computers to DVDs and blu-rays. I still love computers but they don't occupy nearly as much space in my life as they used to. Movies, however.....
  5. IG & I had our differences of opinion from time to time, but he was an important part of PC Pitstop and I considered him to be my friend. He will be missed...
  6. I liked the original Star Trek series, I liked Star Trek TNG, don't much care for DS9 or Voyager, never really got a chance to see Enterprise. I liked the 1st & 2nd Star Trek movies, didn't much care for the one about the whales, The Undiscovered Country was a bust. The Final Frontier, Generations, and First Contact were pretty good, Insurrection wasn't bad, never got a chance to see Nemesis. I need to see Enterprise, Nemesis, and this new one... -kd5-
  7. I formatted a 1gb flash drive that had corrupted files on it and was preventing the customer from using it. Took all of about 15 seconds. -kd5-
  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824009083 ($189.99, free 3 day shipping) Bought an Acer laptop for myself, recently bought an Acer LCD for my sweetie, Acer seems well built for a decent price. -kd5-
  9. Happy Birthday Stinger!!! -kd5-
  10. Default cluster size for any FAT32 partitions I've ever formatted is 32k. -kd5-
  11. Aw man, I hope it's just surge damage... This computer is a couple of years old and served the previous owner well until recently. They gave me everything including the desk it sat in/on, apparently they just got sick of the whole concept of owning a computer. I think I'm going to get another stick of Corsair to pair with the one I have just in case that Samsung is bad. I can probably use the Samsung in someones computer sometime later if I need to and if it's any good. -kd5-
  12. Now if I just knew whether or not this stick of Samsung is still in good shape. It's in this computer I'm resurrecting that had a bad power supply and the motherboard is getting replaced because I can't seem to get any power through it. -kd5-
  13. I have 2 - 256mb sticks of DDR PC2700, both are CL 2.5, but 1 is Corsair while the other is Samsung. I've heard some say here that dual channel is better paired with identical sticks, manufacturer included. How true is this? -kd5-
  14. Happy Birthday SirT!!! -kd5-
  15. What's the difference between 65 and 400 "channels of :filtered: on the T.V. to choose from" (quoting Pink Floyd from The Wall - Nobody Home)? I can usually find something to watch too, but on those days when I can't, DVDs come in pretty handy... -kd5-
  16. Pretty sad when you have 65 channels of cable on television and there's nothing to watch. Makes you wonder if the programming execs will ever get off the crack and get serious about their jobs. -kd5-
  17. Happy Birthday hulk!!! -kd5-
  18. Happy Birthday Dude!!! -kd5-
  19. Happy Birthday theoldgardener!!! ...you old..........gardener you... -kd5-
  20. I was wrong then, but how do you prove sufficiently to M$ that you've transferred all copies of the software and all written materials, including the original license agreement and the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to a new owner? Seems like an accident waiting to happen to me, but if M$ made provision for it there must be a way. -kd5-
  21. Over here I don't believe we're legally allowed to sell "2nd user" operating systems (excluding Linux) and 2kPro new costs about $150 (XP OEM is about $90). M$ is pretty picky about their licensing. -kd5-
  22. XP and 2kPro both cost $$$ which ChrisK says he doesn't have right now. Linux might be nice but it requires that you learn a whole new type of operating system and might not be very user-friendly to the uninitiated. Just a note: I'm not so sure I'd try to put XP on there anyway without upgrading the RAM, minimum 512mb. A 20gb hard drive would suffice if it weren't partitioned. I'd still stick with what you have until you can upgrade. Just my .02 cents worth, -kd5-
  23. My suggestion would be this: Fdisk and reformat the hard drive, reinstall Windows ME from scratch. Install drivers, beginning with chipset, then video, sound, ethernet, modem. Install a good antivirus (once installed, right-click on the "a" in your taskbar & set the "On-Access Protection Control" to High - you can also right-click on the "i" and merge it with the main icon), then go to Windows Update, download all available critical/security updates (watch out for KB912812), then begin installing software. Make sure you reboot after each driver and/or software installation whether it prompts you to or not. Run Scandisk often (go into Advanced, under "Check Files For" check all 3, ignore the Warning, change Lost File Fragments to Free), on the main screen check Automatically Fix Errors, then run it. Defragment often. I recommend using Power Defrag. When you run PD, it will prompt you to restart the computer, then before the OS loads completely, PD will kick in, defragment the harddrive, then allow the OS to continue loading. It's like defragmenting in Safe Mode each time. Power Defrag enhances the defragmenter that ships with Windows ME, makes it faster and more effective. Here is a link: CAUTION: THIS IS A LINK TO A DIRECT DOWNLOAD (because I can't find it anywhere else) http://www.powerdefrag.com/download/pdc210B2.exe Make sure you install (and update) antispyware utilities (Ad-aware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster). Windows Millenium Edition is not the most stable operating system Microsoft ever made, but if you care for it and maintain it regularly, it can be as good as it will ever get. Hope that helps, -kd5-
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