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    Computers, of course! Horror & SciFi books & movies, SNES & PS1 RPG's, and the neverending search for that ever-elusive 'perfect utility', whatever that may be.....Oh, and PC Pitstop! :)

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    Aspire Turbo X-Pider mid-tower case w/4 case fans, Intel D865Perl motherboard, 3.4ghz P4 Northwood w/HT, 4 x 512mb PC3200 Corsair VS in dual channel configuration, 80gb WD Special Edition, NVidia GeForce 6600LE, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, Linksys LNE100TX 10/100 EtherFast, Pioneer DVR-115D DVD+/-RW, Pioneer DVR-108 DVD+/-RW, Sony Floppy Drive, Sony SDM-HX73B 17" LCD Monitor.
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  1. Yep, it's been awhile. Real sorry to hear about Y. When did this place change to PC Matic? I know it's the name of the software, but the forum too?
  2. According to CPU-Z, it's a ASUS X712DAP motherboard w/ a Ryzen 3 processor, Radeon graphics. I've done some preliminary research on the presence of Flex mode on this motherboard and found nothing useful...
  3. Howdy folks, been awhile. My question: Always before, in order for memory to be dual channel, there had to be 2 equal size/type sticks of memory in the proper slots. I now have an ASUS laptop with 4gb soldered to the motherboard, and another 4gb stick (replaceable). The laptop will hold a max of 12gb of memory, but I suspect that if I swap that 4gb stick out for an 8gb stick, it will no longer be dual channel. Is this still true? Am I also correct in assuming that even though I'll have more memory, the fact that it is no longer dual channel means memory performance will take a hit? Thanks for any insight, -kd5-
  4. Thanks everybody! Been awhile. Since smart phones and tablets pretty much destroyed my computer repair business several years ago, my interests shifted from computers to DVDs and blu-rays. I still love computers but they don't occupy nearly as much space in my life as they used to. Movies, however.....
  5. IG & I had our differences of opinion from time to time, but he was an important part of PC Pitstop and I considered him to be my friend. He will be missed...
  6. You wouldn't, would you??? -kd5-
  7. I can hardly contain myself... Hurry up Birthday!!!!! -kd5-
  8. kd5


    Okay.....put down that fatty and step away from the computer... -kd5-
  9. kd5


    I tried my darndest to come up with a witty response to that but I came up blank... -kd5-
  10. kd5


    I'm looking forward to it... -kd5-
  11. kd5


    I can't stand living in a pig sty and I do my best to keep my place neat. Don't do so well at cooking though. I hate the idea of dirtying up 15 utensils and dishes just to make a meal so I tend to take the bachelor's stance on cooking. A bachelor's best friends: Microwave , paper towells , canned and frozen dinners One of these days maybe I can say goodbye to the bachelor status. Believe me, it's highly over-rated. -kd5-
  12. http://www.tucows.com/preview/194967.html Also see the link at the bottom of the page for the Plugins... You can choose to resize proportionally or set your own proportions. -kd5- Ooops, I must've been typing this as you were already in the process of using it...
  13. Yeah, this lady sounds real enthusiastic with her response: -kd5-
  14. hulk, about 2 weeks ago a BIG storm passed through here, knocked the power out for a split second - just long enough to reboot the computers - when mine came back up I couldn't connect to the internet. Had to shut everything down including the HomePortal (DSL), wait a few, then reboot everything. When it was back up, my PC connected just fine. Weird stuff... -kd5-
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