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    Aspire Turbo X-Pider mid-tower case w/4 case fans, Intel D865Perl motherboard, 3.4ghz P4 Northwood w/HT, 4 x 512mb PC3200 Corsair VS in dual channel configuration, 80gb WD Special Edition, NVidia GeForce 6600LE, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, Linksys LNE100TX 10/100 EtherFast, Pioneer DVR-115D DVD+/-RW, Pioneer DVR-108 DVD+/-RW, Sony Floppy Drive, Sony SDM-HX73B 17" LCD Monitor.
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  1. I'm partial to Avast, use it on all my customers computers. -kd5-
  2. This might resolve your performance issue with the Phishing Filter enabled: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...5b-74430e9e2ad4 -kd5-
  3. Question: Are you sure the motherboard will support the CPU you're trying to upgrade to? Also, did you use thermal paste between the CPU & heatsink? (I realize that wouldn't cause the CPU not to work, but the processor would overheat and burn out very quickly nonetheless) -kd5-
  4. Greed is without a doubt at the root of our current economic situation and NAFTA is the great enabler, but if businesses don't buck up and weather this storm we'll all pay dearly for it. -kd5-
  5. I can sympathize with the guy having to pay all the taxes but that's just a part of owning a business and living life. If everyone thought/reacted the same way he does/did, this country would pretty much cease to exist. NAFTA started the mass exodus, the economy is in tatters, but instead of tightening belts and weathering the storm, everyone wants to throw in the towel and go soak up some rays with the wealth they accumulated from the sweat of their employees. If this keeps up we'll all be on welfare. -kd5-
  6. So it's difficult if not impossible under the current circumstances. I appreciate the responses here, I believe it's a laptop so a second drive will be out of the question. I think I'm going to tell him not to retire the computer that this XP install came from just yet, or sell him one of the OEM XP disks I bought to keep around for just such a time as this... Thanks again, -kd5-
  7. Got a call from a guy who has a Windows Vista computer where Vista is installed on the C partition and he's "migrated" Windows XP from his old computer to the D partition, but XP is not bootable, nor is it an option in a boot menu when he turns his computer on. He has applications that he uses but they aren't compatible with Vista which is why he wants to get his XP partition bootable so he can use these apps in an XP environment. I asked him exactly how he migrated XP to the D partition, but either I don't know how to ask the right questions or he doesn't know how to explain exactly what he did. At one point I mentioned Ghost, he seemed to think that was what he used but I've a feeling he'd have said that regardless of what backup software I mentioned. I don't know if you can answer this based on the information given, but is there a way to make XP bootable under these circumstances, any way to give his boot menu the option to boot into his XP partition? Thanks, -kd5-
  8. If you still have the can that you can get the UPC # /Lot # from, send them an email, let them know you're not happy: http://www.campbellsoupcompany.com/contact_form.asp Or call them: At the very least they should send you a coupon for a free can of soup... -kd5-
  9. I think the Pontiac Aztek is/was one of the ugliest vehicles ever made, next to the Volkswagon Thing many years ago. Also, it would be no wonder to me that the American auto industry lost sales, there are actually very few of the new generation of vehicles that I would call attractive, most of them are butt-ugly IMHO. One last comment: Why did they all decide that hybrids had to look silly? The thing that surprises me the most is that there are so many people that are actually buying these butt-ugly cars, which does alot to illustrate to me the American people's attraction to weirdness... -kd5-
  10. This should be in the Viruses, Spyware, Adware forum, not in Tips & Tricks. I'll move it over there for you and leave a redrect here so you can find it... -kd5-
  11. That's a shame about spywareinfo.com, I've updated my bookmark to the new site though, thanks for the heads up... -kd5-
  12. I'm not Jacee but try this link instead: http://www.atribune.org/index.php?option=c...5&Itemid=25 -kd5-
  13. Using the Import/Export Wizard (from the top of an IE page, File, Import and Export), as you navigate through the wizard, you'll come to the page where it asks you where your bookmark file is, just click Browse, and navigate to the bookmark file that way. The name of the bookmark file will be bookmark.htm (once you've browsed to it). As long as your bookmarks were exported to a file using this wizard, importing them back into IE should be fairly straightforward. You shouldn't have to type the path to the file, once you Browse to the file then continue with the wizard, it should add those bookmarks to what bookmarks are already there. -kd5-
  14. Watch out using that removal tool with XP Media Center Edition, it will wreck MCE (found out the hard way). Always use the uninstaller via Add/Remove whenever possible, then clean up whatever files and folders are left behind afterwards. Haven't had any problems after learning that valuable lesson. -kd5-
  15. Wish you and your wife all the luck in the world, been free of them for 46 months on the 21st of this month. I'm so glad I finally got away from them, but it took willpower and the Walmart-brand nicotine patches for me to do it (costs less than the name brand patches). If you try to do it on your own, be prepared for the fight of your life because cigarettes don't want you to quit. If it comes down to it, don't be afraid to try something like the Patch... Good luck Bruce, I hope you both make it... -kd5-
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