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  1. Download Windows 8.1 Power User Guide for Business from Microsoft
  2. Free Picture Solutions Free Photo Resizer Free Photo Resizer aims to simplify all complicated photo editing tasks. Download this free program and enjoy editing all your photos no matter what level tech-savvy you are. Free Photo Booth Free Photo Booth offers free, gorgeous visual effects for webcam photo output. It has the most friendly and easy to use interface which allows any users can enjoy their time in front of webcams. Free Image Editor Free Image Editor provides you with the most approachable methods to edit their photos. It is a great tool to adjust, accelerate quality of your pictures. Free GIF to JPG Converter Converting your GIF animation images to JPG with a few simple clicks. This converter is programmed to minimize the conversion process so that it is available for any user. Free JPG to GIF Converter High speed and light-weight converting program to convert all your JPG images to GIG animation images. This JPG to GIF converter has a very comprehensive and beautiful GUI which helps you convert your JPg images with ease and highest resolution Free PNG to JPG Converter Quickly convert your PNG format pictures to JPG ones with highest resolution. This program is available for any user as it is designed to meet any tech-savvy level of user. Free JPG to PNG Converter The great choice for free JPG to PNG converting solution as it effectively convert JPG images to PNG ones with the most simple way you have ever tried. It always maintain quality of your images. Free Picture Viewer High perfomance and tiny photo viewer program to view all your pictures. It comes with the beautiful interface and instant opening process. Download this free and tiny program today to view your pictures at highest resolution. Free Image Resizer The easiest and handy tool to edit your pictures. It has the most intuitive and understandable interface with helps you crop, flip, rotate, resizer, adjust your photos. Free Gif Maker Easily create gif images with this absolutely free gif maker. Free Gif Maker is one of the most user friendly gif making solutions you can find that caters to all types of computer users. Download today and start generating gifs! Free EPS Viewer Open graphic files and save as other image formats such as GIF, JPG, TIFF. Free Meme Maker Want to create a Meme and post it on a social network? Free Meme Maker is the easily meme generating application available and at the price of absolutely free, you cannot go wrong! Download today and start generating Meme for your friends! Free Webcam Recorder Turn your computer into a video recording snapshot studio . With this free webcam recorder you can not only record videos and audio from your computers webcam but you can also take quick snapshots! This is a fun and entertaining application that can be used both professionally and for entertainment purposes. Free Picture Resizer Tired of using complex programs to resize your images? With Free Picture Resizer you can do so with ease and absolutely free. This picture resizer is a gem for any photo editing needs. Not only can you resize images with this but you can do a number of other fun things. Download today and start editing any photo easily! Free Image Converter Need to convert an image to another format? What about converting it to another size? This Free Image Converter can handle all that and more! Download this Free Image Converter and easily convert any image to any format or size you would like. Free Slideshow Maker Download our free slideshow maker and easily start making fun slideshows! Free Powerpoint Viewer Download this standalone Powerpoint viewer and enjoy reading all your .ppt documents. Free Screen Capture You are in need of free application with full features that helps you capture every screenshot? Download this Free Screen Capture now and enjoy a freeware with full functions. Free CBR Reader Download thid Free CBR Reader today and enjoy your comic ebooks. Free Collage Maker Download this Free Collage Maker today and create your own collage from your photos. Free XPS Viewer Reading all xps documents with this lightweight and beautiful interface program.
  3. Windows 8 and 8.1 hidden secret features and useful hotkeys Thanks go to AskVG.
  4. I said: "I think it's kind of overkill if you just want to remove startup entries."
  5. Guys, I suggested this software here because of its slimness (as noticed by oftentired). At first I thought of it as an isolation of the Startup tab in Msconfig. =) I didn't know it had crapware because, as I said before, I downloaded and ran its portable version, which has nothing but the app itself.* As for WinPatrol, I purchased it years ago and have used it for a while. It's very good but covers many more areas, so I think it's kind of overkill if you just want to remove startup entries. Another option is good old Autoruns. It's also free. *Nowadays I follow this rule of mine: if it has a portable version, try it first.
  6. I downloaded the portable (.zip) version of this program and it had none of these annoyances.
  7. Dexpot 1.6.10 Build 2369 This handy tool lets you view up to twenty unique virtual desktops on a single computer monitor. That means Dexpot allows you to create many additional workspaces, making you more productive! You can even allocate different icons, wallpapers, and start-up processes for each virtual desktop. [Thanks, Infopacket]
  8. "NeoRouter Free allows you to access your home computers in a secure way from virtually anywhere. This program allows you to share files -- like videos and photographs -- with friends and family. It can even help you remotely assist friends with their computer problems." [Thanks, Infopackets] Download NeoRouter Free Prior to download the package you are interested in, please take note of the following: Use NeoRouter Free product for free - provide your small business a remote access solution that is secure, easy, and enhances business performance. NeoRouter Free is currently available for Windows 2000 and above, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and Linux-based firmware, such as Tomato and OpenWrt. NeoRouter Free Portable is a portable version of the NeoRouter Network Explorer. You can directly run it from website, USB flash drive, iPod or any other portable device without installation. And when you quit from the application, none of your personal data is left behind. NeoRouter Server for Tomato Firmware can be used for most routers; the Tomato ND is used for WL500GP. (Minimum flash 8MB) Installation Quick Start Guide (slide) Screenshots See Release Notes.
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