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  1. My wife sent me an email which she forwarded from a friend. When I opened the attachment it had about a 6 second porn video which I closed out. Then I opened it again and received what my wife meant to send me. I could not find the porn again but am curious to know what is going on. It was opened through real player and apparently no longer exists. Thanks
  2. Bethanne, you sound as if you might come from a small town in Alabama. Good luck with your problem. As a long time member I can assure you that these folks will do everything they can to help and they are good at what they do. Barry
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    Someone suggested I run scannow back when I was having a lot of problems. I finally resolved problems but decided I ought to run it anyway just to be sure. I thought it might help explain why I could access email when I disabled Panda but could not when panda was enabled. My biggest problem with puters is terminology. Link, Post, Thread, are new words to me and had entirely different meanings than I now discover they have. Imagine the problems I had when I first started and believed that delete and uninstall meant the same thing - get rid of. I would like to shut down what I am
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    Is this what you mean? TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=7USX9W11A6USCNG7
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    I'm so nervous! Are you saying that you want me to copy and paste the long DETAILS Page here.
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    Aeroman, I have run sfc /scannow three times now and each time it stops, advises me to insert cd and retry. Then continues, stops, advises me to retry, etc. until finally ending. If files are replaced or uncorrupted shouldn't it go all the way without the retrys. PS Don't tell Firekrackker I'm talking to you. She will get mad at me.
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    Yes, but I wasn't clear. It is not pitstop that would not scan. It is sfc /scannow. I hope you revisit and address this issue. Because if you don't and I have to start a new topic I suspect that you will be unhappy with me.
  8. When I run scan now it begins checking windows files and then stops and tells me to insert CD and retry. I do so and it continues. Every so often it stops and tells me to retry again. Each time it continues until finally it completes. But then nothing happens. Isn't something supposed to or is that the scan?
  9. Hate to bother you again. Not just because it bothers you but because I feel foolish. But where do I go to start thread
  10. And where do I go to see a reply to my reply. and how can you tell me that
  11. I have a question but before I write it all out I want to make sure someone is getting this. Barry
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