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  1. Thanks, Hulk. I downloaded as you advised. Will post results.
  2. mme, I think that we are miscommunicating. I solved the toolbar problem by doing as you recommended and going thru program files and deleting. That was two messages ago. My questions are: Yahoo toolbar was listed in ad/remove in ccleaner but not in standard ad/remove program. Why is that? When I tried to uninstall toolbar through cleaner a box appeared stating "error uninstalling an ad/remove entry" What does this statement mean and why wasn't I able to uninstall toolbar thru cleaner? When I couldn't uninstall toolbar through cleaner I clicked on "user assist" (which is li
  3. Success! I just tried going through program files, found yahoo companion, and was able to get rid of it. Interesting to note that Windows defender immediately warned me that it was trying to reinstall. I had to say "no" twice to convince it I was serious. Thanks for all your help. But MME I still hope you answer the questions I asked in above reply.
  4. I located Yahoo toolbar through ccleaner (didn't know you could do that - thanks - but now tell me why it isn't listed in standard add/remove program) however it would not uninstall. A box appeared stating "error uninstalling an ad/remove entry" What does this mean and what now? After not being able to uninstall yahoo toolbar I went to "user assist" and under "ActiveX Desktop Related" found Weather Bug and others that I don't care for. Why are they only listed here, what impact do they have, and how do I get rid of them?
  5. Yahoo is not listed in ad/remove. From what I can understand a lot of people have this problem and there is no standard solutiont But I bet someone knows how. Now if I can just get them to tell me.
  6. I keep clicking on pencil and then uninstall and am told yahoo toolbar is uninstalled. But its not. I tried uninstalling flash (which is the only place I can think of that it might have come from) but that didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. And I would get into a command prompt by - I've always wanted to know how to do that. Just not very much. Until now.
  8. Controls are not back. I believe that I will take your advice and leave well enough alone. Thanks for all your help. But I do remain curious.
  9. IntelGuy, I did as you suggested and removed all references to pitstop including active x. I then tested my system on pitstop expecting that I would have to reload something in order to test. However, I was wrong and testing operated smoothly. In fact, Check Disk Health was faster than usual (whatever that means, if it means anything). I also check active x again just to be checking and got same results - active x not supported. Now my question is - If all the pitstop stuff was necessary for testing why am I still able to test. If it was not necessary why is it on my system in th
  10. Security settings and programs have not changed. I've checked everything that I can think of and everything anyone has suggested. Yes, the pitstop check active x is where I get active x not supported. I wouldn't know how to find and uninstall or reinstall active x for this site but I'll bet you do. Would you tell me? Perhaps I should leave well enough alone since no longer seems to be causing me problems but I am now compelled by curiosity. Thanks
  11. I've posted the following question in several different forums and have not gotten an answer. When I check active x I'm told that Active X is not supported by my browser. I'm also told by pitstop that testing won't work unless active x is supported but I can test without a problem. Something doesn't seem right. When I first found pitstop almost two years ago I was totally ignorant regarding computers - and mostly ignorant regarding other subjects. When I finally figured out how to post and did so for the first time I sat there staring at the screen waiting for a response. When it
  12. I've posted this info elsewhere but have gotten no responses. When I check Active X pitstop tell me that it is not supported and that, therefore, tests cannot be run. However, tests run without problem. What's going on? Thanks
  13. I tried downloading flash player but had no success. Tried doing it from several sites. Then I went online using Mozilla instead of IE and was able to download it. Then I tried viewing media that gave me red x and it worked without a problem. Does that mean that I have set up a blocker that did not allow IE to download but did not interfere with Firefox? Once it was downloaded does it mean that IE will not allow me to use it but firefox will? If so, what do I need to change to allow IE to download and view media?
  14. Lately when I try to view a video, from Tv top five from last night or something, I get a blank page with a small red x in a small box in the upper left corner. What is it? Why can't I see video. Have I turned something off unintentionally? What think you?
  15. Thanks for your help, Jacee. I won't have a chance to follow your advice for uninstall for a few days but will post when I have done so to let you know how it goes.
  16. I have AVG. I have two threads going on this topic now and would end this one and focus on the LuCom if I knew how to do it. I appreciate all the help and advice I'm getting.
  17. After looking in Add/Remove and Program files I could find nothing on Norton or Symantec. However, when I did a search I came up with a whole slew of Symantec items - some indicating that I had 9MB of program. Perhaps, in the past, I took advantage of a free scan or something. Now that I know that it is there I would like to get rid of all references. How do I do that? Thanks
  18. Thanks, Porthos. But I don't have Symantec and don't know anything about it. Why would this be on my computer and trying to access? Also I read what you posted in other places along with a whole slew of other comments. The end result is that I'm still confused. 31% security risk doesn't sound good to me and I would just as soon deny it unless I need it for some reason. But denying it doesn't seem to stop it from popping up. Recommendations?
  19. I tried to edit thinking I could add the info below but only succeeded in repeating my original post. Apparently I don't know how to edit. Doesn't surprise me. There are a lot of things I don't know. Anyway when ZA pops up the heading is: LiveUpdate Engine COM Module is trying to access internet.
  20. LuCom keeps popping up on ZA and I keep clicking deny. I tried to find out something about it but there seems to be a lot of conflicting info so I don't know whether to allow it or not. However, denying it does not stop it from popping up again every few minutes. This thought occurs to me: If I shut off ZA does LuCom manage to access internet without my knowledge? The heading on this is LiveUpdate something or other. What's going on, fellas?
  21. Thanks, guys. I checked ZA forum and found info which I put into practice. Now will see if problem solved. I'm going to start a new thread on LuComServer_2_5.exe which is now trying access internet every few minutes. Don'tknow whether or not this exists because of changes I made or is something new but I keep denying it. Doesn't stop it from trying though. Check out new thread if you have info. Thanks again.
  22. Sorry, Joe. I should have pointed out that the problem is always solved by turning off ZA. No doubt but that ZA is the culprit. Again - it would be easier to understand if when activated ZA failed to allow me to use oe or get on net but it works fine for awhile. Then, after a few hours or so, I can't use oe or net. Turning off ZA immediately solves the problem.
  23. When I boot up computer zone alarm pops right up to do it's job and does not inhibit my use of the computer. However, after a few hours suddenly I cannot use oe or get on net. I can't figure out what the problem is. Why am I not restricted for several hours and then restricted? Any thoughts. Thanks,
  24. 28 viewings but no opinion? I guess the subject matter attracted attention but surely someone must have an opinion as to how this happened.
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