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  1. Since writing the above I have researched registry and especially comments you have made in the past while helping people. I have concluded that you are correct that I should absolutely stay out of registry and would be well advised not to use a registry cleaner. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks. Not only for the help but for the feedback which was clear, concise, and I understood it. You did good. And, to the extent I can, I will follow your advice. When I have a problem that I don't understand I have some choices to make. My first choice for years has been to go to pitstop. Doing so has often kept me from either putting my computer out in the middle of Mobile Bay or taking it to someone who knows what they are doing – and charges me for it. In this instance I didn't even know I had a problem until informed by Full Tests – which I didn't know was obsolete. I followed the recommendations and steps to change Tcp Window Size – after which I rebooted and then checked to see if change had taken place. It had not. I posted my problem and followed the advice I got, checked, and found that nothing had changed. Perhaps the advice was incorrect or, as is more often the case, I slipped up. In either case I didn't just go willy nilly into my registry and start guessing at things to do. Instead I posted my new problem (not being able to make changes that “took”) and then followed your advice. It was either that or Mobile Bay or visit the local computer guy. Same choices I always have. So, while I understand that I would sometimes be wiser not to mess with something I don't understand, it is not always practical and would mean not following any advice – including yours. The upside is that I always end up knowing and understanding something I didn't know or understand before. There have been no noticeable changes in the way my computer operates but I am assuming that my original problem identified by Full Tests (that my computer was configured for dial up) was non-existent or has now been fixed. Which brings me to this: Is there any registry software that automatically finds and fixes problems without requiring me to make some judgment? Presently I use RegistryScrub and click on “fix all selected problems” and I select “all problems”. This may not be the best approach based on what you are saying but if the alternative is to learn/understand all there is to know about “registry” then my only choice is to “fix all” or not fix any. Your thoughts? And thanks again for all the time you spent helping me.
  3. Done. Now what? And what did I just do?
  4. I've puzzled many a person. I puzzled quite a few when I first started and my understanding was that "delete" and "uninstall" both meant to "get rid of". But I think I understand what you are saying and will delete those you suggest. Meanwhile, here is a screen shot - I think. In the screen shot you will also see TcpMaxDataRetr, TcpDupAcks, and TcpNumConnect. Are you saying I should remove those as well? (Thanks, Tx Redneck)
  5. I assume you mean the Print Screen button just to the right of F12. Nothing happens when I press it.
  6. When I highlight HKEY-Local-Machine on the right I see under name AB Default, under Type REG_SZ, under Data (value not set). Under Parameters Key to the right I see TCP Windows Size, REG_DWORD oxoooofafO (64240) which looks to be the first change I tried to make. A few lines below that I see TcpWindowsSize REG_DWORD oxo3fffa70 (67107440) If I knew how to take a snapshot would I be able to snapshot this screen for you? By the way, I don't have any problem getting online or browsing. But I would like to get this right - if there is a right. I just noticed that there is also in this list the following: GlobalMaxTcpWin REG_DWORD 0x03fffa70 (67107440)
  7. I have two TCP Window Size settings. One is ox0000fafo64240 - a change I tried to make when I first started with this. The other is ox3fffa70 67107440. Should I remove either one or both? By the by, I keep seeing comments stating that folks took "snapshots" which I seem to remember doing once myself. Remind me what that is and, if useful, tell me how to do it. Thanks
  8. Auto dial was already set at zero - and hexidecimal. Does that tell you whether or not it is set for dial up or cable/dsl?
  9. 17520 as recommended, if I understood correctly. Through DrTCP. I'll try your suggestion. Thanks
  10. "It" means what you think. However - I have Win XP - when I go to connections I do not have the option to "Never dial a connection." Thanks for your good effort. Don't stop now.
  11. I ran the old Full Tests which stated that my computer is configured for dial up even though I have cable. This may not - and probably is not true. However, when I tried to change it in regedit from default to decimal and 17520 (which supposedly would put it in cable mode)it immediately reverted to default hexidecimal. I checked user acct and I am listed as the only user and as Owner/Computer Administrator. Can anyone tell me why I cannot make this change? Thanks
  12. I'll do as suggested above. However, I've now discovered that it sometimes works and sometimes does not - whatever that means. Somehow I think that outlook express/gmail might be involved. Will let you know.
  13. A few days ago I switched from DSL to Mediacom Cable. Everything worked fine. Then I stopped being able to connect to net using desktop. However, I have a router and am able to connect via laptop so apparently internet connection is working and the problem has to do with desktop. Any suggestions?
  14. I did check out the pitstop store which seemed to make my point. There are 6 or 8 different recommended downloads each selling for $29.95. That is $180.00/$240 worth of stuff. The next time I look there will be more. I'm not suggesting that it is not all worthwhile. I'm saying that as long as I can manage without it I will. Bundle it and cut that price considerably and I would seriously consider buying it.
  15. I know nothing about marketing software but I do know that every time I turn around something else is recommended at $29.95 or $39.95. If I followed all the recommendations that would eliminate problems, fix problems, make my computer run faster, etc. I would end up spending a great deal of money. So I don't do any of it and hope for the best. It occurs to me that someone (pcpitstop is perfectly positioned) could bundle all those recommendations, charge a reasonable fee, and do it all. I would do that - as would many others I would guess. The fact that it isn't being done suggests that it is probably not practical. But if that is the case I would like to understand why. Anybody know? Thanks
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