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  1. clean most of the dust out using a hand held fan. and updated my graphics card driver. so far so good!! whats this cooling pad? i've never seen/heard of one before
  2. just downloaded speedfan. yeah you where right, its getting too hot. the hd0 (guess that means hard drive) us getting to 50C (pretty hot) and the other says temp 1: that gets to about 79C (very hot) dont understand why though, the fan kicks in and out, and the laptop is usually running on a hard/solid surface.
  3. just started doing it recently, do matter what i do (watching dvds or browsing internet, it just crashes to a blue screen saying something about starting dump...... its a advent 7081 1.3ghz intel celeron m 40gb hdd 256 ddr ram i've sone a virus and spyware check but no errors, and did a disk scan and defrag. but the error still happens. i dont no much about computers, so what other info would i need to post?
  4. i'm a bit too late. he took it to a computer shop, and they said/did the same as you said, it needed formatting. thanks for the help. any ideas why it caused errors? is it a known problem with that make of soundcard?
  5. its running windows xp professional. you think it my need a full system re-install?
  6. ok, had a look today, and the soundcard is soundblaster x-fi Xtreme fidelity. plugged it in, and the pc will let you logg in, but then reset straight away. i tried booting into safe mode, but wouldnt let me as an error had accured. so took out the new sound card, and rebooted. It booted up but these messages kept appearing '' Rundll32.exe entry point not found'' ''except_handler4_common not located in dynamic library MSVCRT.DLL'' when i press ok on that, this appears '' error loading P17Runt.DLL, procedure not found'' i have uninstalled the old soundcard and drivers, but still
  7. need a bit of advice on this one please, all i know is he's running windows xp, and trying to install a soundblaster card. its all pluged in right, because windows finds new hardware, it started to copy files from the driver cd, and the pc reset itself, now an windows keeps coming up saying 'windows has recovered from a serious error. hes tried running add hardware from control panel, but is says cant install 2 of the same hardware (or something along them lines) i dont no if he has disabled his onboard one or not either, but it did pack up working.
  8. sorry about that. why does the zyxel wireless adapter program keep crashing on windows xp? i just keeps poping up, has caused error and will have to close. i've tried running the usb adapter from the windows wireless program, but it keeps losing and finding the connection
  9. ok cheers, got that working. next question is, how can i print on the printer, and when i close the window down, do i have to type the whole thing in 'run' again?
  10. have u tried going into network(where u put that ip address in) and go to Wan, select Set Wan Mac Address. have u enabled that Dhcp server option? mine did the same as yours
  11. there was no software with it, and i plugged it in like this: 1/ the ethernet cable that went from modem to pc, was put from modem into router 2/ a second ethernet cable was sent from router to pc. couldn't figure it out, so just sat there for a few more hours enabling and disabling all the different features. got it working in the end, when i enabled DHCP server. I have no idea what it is, but the instruction manual said leave this off. The box stats 'easy set-up, recommended for the pc/networking novices' any ways all sorted now, thanks for the replys. i do have ano
  12. just brought a zyxel nbg334w router, all plugged in all set up to my pc (i think) laptop finds the network, but doesnt connect. At first i thought it a security problem, so i switched it off, still wont connect. i've had a look in network connections, but it only shows my broadband connection and not my wireless. anyone any ideas??? i've been trying for around 3 hours now,
  13. having the same problem here, ad-aware finds it, deletes it, but when i reboot, it comes back again
  14. i've decided to keep xp instead, and change the layout to windows 98 format. main reason is, i dont have any drivers for the graphics,sound or motherboard, and i've been though that problem before on my old system, so i'm not going to mess around with it. thanks for all the help. p.s. i'm thinking of putting ram in my computer, what is the min that xp will run on? i currently have 256mb( even though it says 224mb on my test results. why is this?)
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