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  1. i taught my son how to use a PC when he was 4yrs old, it went from easy stuff like gaming to running applications, he is 8yrs old now and maintains his own computer, he needs no help at all with it unless its hardware related.
  2. something told me to stop by here and take a look. well im 28 and feel old man, me and Audrey are having another baby due in June and its a girl, Travis birthday passed in January and he is just the damn coolest kid anyone could have. my mother is dying of cancer, my father is 70 and of course this takes a great toll on him as well, so my life has its ups and downs but so far everyone seems happy with themselves. my son (8yrs old) was diagnosed with autism so i know now why is so wierd in life and says some very odd things, overall he does good but somedays i want to throw him out the window. anyways thanks for the thread im not here to much and kind of lost touch with computers but i still work on them for the folks who cant fix them.
  3. ordered many things from them and never once have they not come through, great site to deal with
  4. well ill give that a try and see what happens, hopefully something works as i didnt want to reload the OS if i didnt have too.
  5. i picked up a compaq at a yard sale for 20bucks, it has windows 2000 on it but its locked with a password, the guest account obviously works fine but what good is that at the moment, the people dont remember what it is and i dont have a win2000 disk for a reinstall and XP is out the question on this computer. so if anyone knows of a work around on this id really appreciate it
  6. nice find i was looking for this site for awhile now, i needed a PH meter and they carry nice ones cheap
  7. its starting to look real good around here a drive down the highway shows all of natures colors from green to yellow to red
  8. should have invited me bruce we are almost niebors you know
  9. get a line 6 distortion pedal they are top notch
  10. all you need to do is apply enough pressure to the fretboard and the string will sound and a simple pull off will chime it long enough to switch notes pretty simple to do......with one hand
  11. wow ive been playing guitar for 12yrs and that guy is amazing he did that so easily glad i dont have compete against him
  12. and dont forget to buy the in dash mounting unit after all dont want that radio to fall out the hardest part for me every time and i installed about 8 radios is taking out the factory one, sometimes its a pain to get out other times its a 5min job.
  13. ive been playing guitar for 12yrs now and played almost every guitar on the market my opinion is go with a Epiphone they truely sound great and are made to last. for if it were me buying a guitar id go with one of these over all you cannot lose http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epi...tar?sku=518341V the fenders are ok too much twangy sound from single coil pickups much fatter overall tone with a humbucker like the Epiphones have the fenders have humbuckers but they still dont have that kick and a Telecaster is more for country sound than anything else.
  14. get off that E your forgetting all your links
  15. speaking of bank robbers http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060601/od_nm/...DRpBHNlYwM3NTc-
  16. a box of Oreo Cookies and my trusty old metal measuring cup i fill with milk and it keeps its freezing cold
  17. 100mph???? why are you still in 3rd gear
  18. no go bruce just say codec error nothing else
  19. i find him funny as hell.....crude humor my kind of guy
  20. dont you hate when your minding your own business, playing soccer and then appears http://www.videobomb.com/posts/show/1969
  21. its right here http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b158/darkkali/untitled.jpg
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