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  1. i voted seems like a good idea but as always people need to use thier noggins when buying from people over the net. 1000 posts seems reasonable to be able to post.
  2. we had this same problem at work and we tried just about everything we could running multiple programs and such, these are the programs you are going to need to run and update upon installing. Spybot search and Destroy adaware SE AVG Anti-spyware (trial version) install and update these programs before running, i would start with Spybot and work my way down the list deleting anything any of these programs can find, there is no worry it will not remove something important to your system and if it does you can do a simple recover from the programs. you may have to run ea
  3. well these did seem to solve my problem, go AVG..... its funny though no other program did the trick but AVG did it, nice find thanks alot Juliet for the help.
  4. i use a PS1 controller on my PC, works like a charm and you can remap the buttons easily to suit your needs, drivers are easily found using google, chances are your going to need either a PS1 adapter to a usb or serial port
  5. so how is this Wii?? i want a new system but i want some feed back on this one in particular, seems like something me and my son can play and have fun with it? also do you know if it HDTV compatible?
  6. i get the same few pop-ups a few times every hour or so, i have done everything i could think of and run multiple programs to try and sort this issue out but nothing works, my CPU is running anywhere around 40-75% and task manager shows explorer.exe using it up, IE also uses more ram than normal(50meg). then these annoying pop-ups from yeild manager that will not go ways, i ran every program below rebooting after each one finshed, i ran each program 3 times until nothing was found but within an hour the popups begin all over again and the only places i have been to have been here and yaho
  7. i dont know about all that... being caught with a pound of herb is very serious kinda dumb to have ll that unless your dealing it
  8. duanester you are so full of it :crash: you people can have that poison known as alcohol ill keep my herb thank you.
  9. dude you need to set yourself strait and get the fact right it almost confusing what your trying to say but no one has killed someone because they bugged out on weed chances are they were already high on something else
  10. start naming those better ways? Annual American Deaths From: Tobacco.............400,000 Alcohol.............100,000 All legal drugs......20,000 All Illegal drugs....15,000 Caffeine..............2,000 Aspirin.................500 Marijuana.................0
  11. i have a vaporizer and use it all the time that creates zero smoke consumed i also eat it in food thus no smoke there are many ways to consume THC
  12. and to those who keep insisting it will cause cancer http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12943013 and all those extra tars MJ has use a water bong :beer:
  13. that is yet another myth no dealer in thier right mind is going to lace weed with a more expensive drug than sell i at the same cost just not logical.
  14. im not going to have a and moan contest over this if you really think marijuana is that bad then take the time to look at this site and what it has to say you do not have to agree with what is being said just have a look before you judge people. http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=3418
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