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    Pentium IV 3.0 mhz; 160 gig HD with a dvdrw. I am networked to one other computer which is a Pentium III. Both computers are running XP Pro.
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  1. Thanks! Using the "insert" key worked☺!!!!
  2. Hello! I tried several of these in "Word" and "Notepad" and they didn't work. What am I doing wrong? jnulr
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks! for the clarification (should have guessed that one). I do have the Linksys router software installed on my P.C. I just enter in the address bar, type in my password and that's where I change settings. You don't do it this way? Hmmmm! Let me know. Thanks again, jnulr
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------- Not sure what "sw" is. Please clarify. Thanks! jnulr
  5. madmonty, No, I appreciate your efforts. I did make sure the "wireless zero config" was started in services. I'll try your thought on "no encryption" to see if it works. Thanks again, jnulr
  6. Hello, I just finished a "Clean Install", reloaded WinXP etc. In doing so, I loaded my router software again (router model is a Linksys WRT54GSV4). Now I can no longer log on to my secured network with my laptop. What do you suggest? Here's my router settings: Name of my network Network key (WPA KEY) Key is provided automatically Network Authentication type is WPAPSK Data Encryption is TKIP Connection type is ESS I ran the wireless setup wizard and used a USB pen drive which I subsequently ran on the laptop. The above is what the wizard gives you to print out
  7. Thanks but I've already tried that and it's not recognizing any storage drives. Windows begins the install but eventually comes up with a similar message that no drive is recognized. It's strange to me because it allowed me to do a "format" today from a startup disk. When I hit the TAB key during boot up it shows the new H.D. but of course there is a notice above that indicates the "number of disks is not adequate to create a RAID" but I ignored that simply because I wasn't interested in "RAID" anyway. Something has got to be screwed up in my BIOS which I just flashed using esupport (that
  8. Hello, I've taken the advice from Lou and put in a Win98 startupdisk to have access to the "format" command and ran it successfully with the /S switch. I've also deleted all "raid" files from the SATA HDD Driver disk (disk to provide the VIA driver). I've tried to find a way to disable "RAID" from the BIOS but there's no option for that only for SATA,SCSI drives which I made sure is enabled. Then after all those changes, I set the CDROM drive as my first boot drive put the Windows XP CD in it and it looked like it was going to load the driver from the diskette (after pressi
  9. Hello Stormy, My current problem after this ordeal is that even though I have the BIOS set to boot from CDROM first, I keep getting the "NTLDR is missing" message which gives me only "Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete" as my sole option. In other words I can't get past this even with the WinXP CD in place. What happened to cause that, I don't know. Again, thanks for your help but I'm "dead in the water" w/o the CDROM being available. Oh! a big thing I forgot to tell you is when booting from the CDROM with the WinXP disk it does start to load windows again and still provides the f6 key fo
  10. Intel Socket 775 Processor Motherboard VIA PM800 + VIA 8237 I recently updated my VIA BIOS on this chipset and that went well as I used esupport and they made it easy. I have just installed an Hitachi 250 gig SATA hard drive. I used the "Hitachi" "Feature Tool diskette" to set all the necessary parameters for the drive and it did recognize the drive. I then created a "boot disk" with the most recent VIA driver and followed the instructions to load Windows XP and pressing the F6 key while Windows was doing it's thing to enable me load the via driver from a floppy. It let me Partition
  11. Hello, Working on a friend's computer (laptop w/built-in wireless G) and it shows a good connection @ 54mbps but I can't browse. I've checked all the normal settings when I get the old "Page cannot be displayed...etc." message and have even compared it to my own working laptop that does browse. Am I missing a setting? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, jnulr :help:
  12. Thanks! for the help. Unfortunately, DSL is still better than a year away from where we live and that's why some people living in my area are "stuck" with dial-up for a while. Thanks again! jnulr
  13. Hello, I have two computers connected with a "cross-over" cable on a dial-up. I had these people connected at one time and now "nada" no matter what I try. Looks like I've got too many network connections. So, if I wanted to start over and delete the existing connections, how do I do that? Any help would be appreciated. Oh! by the way I do have their LAN connectivity working as each can see each other's files but only the direct connection to the internet is connected. Thanks, jnulr
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