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    P4 3.2E 1024M Corsair PC3200 ASUS P4P800 Leadtech Winfast A350 SATA Raid Maxtor 80 gig X 2 Zalman Cooler plus 2X120 Zalman inlet/outlet LG CDRW and LG DVD
  1. I have a BFG 6800GS OC and am cyrrently running 425/1166 with RivaTuner unlocking all pixels and vertex units. The trick with this card is to overclock first using coolbits (remember to check the box that says 'apply these settings at start up' ) and then run RivaTuner to open the extra pixels/vertex units. Once you have run RivaTuner the card wont let you change the core speeds
  2. Try reinstalling the graphics card driver
  3. right click on the desk top and select propoties. Display propoties should open. Select tab 'appearance'. windows and buttons (on the drop down menu) select Windows XP style and then colour scheme default blue. Then apply
  4. While AMD don't churn as many computing cycles per second (measured by megahertz) as Pentium 4 chips, they perform more work per cycle. Intel's need for speed plays on the consumer thinking faster is better, but the real test of a chip is how stable it is ..... and does it do the job for you.
  5. Sounds like the XP computer is the main machine - so go here for File and printer sharing in XP: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...ilesharing.mspx Enabling shares on Windows 95/98/ME To get network neighborhood (network browser) working, you MUST enable at least one file or printer share on your computers. Create a new folder on your hard drive and call it ‘shared’. Right click on this folder and select ‘Sharing’ from the menu that appears. Select “Shared as” and give the share a name or leave it as it is. Select “Full” as the access type. You can set a password for this
  6. Hi wilfy4, the telewest guy is way off base a 1mb connection here in the UK you should be getting about 800 kbits down and 247 kbits up. For what you are paying telewest, tell them if they cant guarantee you at least that change providers.
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