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    Gigabyte GaZ68X-UD3H-B3 Cpu: Intel SB 2600K HDD: Kingston Hyperx SSD 120gig + 2x1 terabyte Samsung Ram: 8 Gig. Team Extreme 2000Mhz DDR3 Powersupply: 750W Cosair TX Cpu cooling: Coolermaster V8 Graphic: XFX HD 4770 Dvd: Asus Computer Case: Cosair Obsidian 650D
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  1. Wow Did not saw that before now. Thanks a lot Caintry_boy
  2. Yes im sure you are right. Actually its getting worse since last time. But does it hurt anything ?
  3. I got the Cosair Obsidian 650D tower with 2x 20 cm fans, 1 front and 1 top, and a 14 cm. backfan, and of course my cpucooler. But no side fan.
  4. Can it have something to do with my overclock. Nearly overclocked 1 Gigahertz ?
  5. Hi again Caintry_boy I have cleaned the graphic card totaly, but as you can see it did not helped. I tried to measure with Speedfan but thats got even worse: I just don`t understand why the card gets so hot from the beginning where i boot up my pc. Any explanation would be much appreciated. Best regards Erling
  6. Thanks for your reply Caintry_boy. No not yet, but i do have a can with compressed air so i will do it today. Thanks again.
  7. I think roomtemp is about 22 degress. Could it be dust in, and behind the fan ?
  8. Caintry_boy Only thing is that i do not understand why my graphiccard get so hot at normal use. Is that normal ?
  9. Hi I got my graphiccard to work now, the reason why the fan was overspeeding, and the sound was terrible, was that i forgot to attach the powercabel Now its running fine and my score is a little better. http://www.pcpitstop...?conid=24694456 Caintry_boy, do you think it is ok now, or do you have any advice for me. I know, i know,... a new and better graphiccard, but i do not play games. I really dont like the thought spending 400-500 $ for a new card. I look at some videos and work a little with Photoshop. Best regards Erling
  10. I do have a XFX 4770 videocard, but do not use it right now. The fan is become too noisy over the years. Thanks for your reply
  11. I`m running onboard video and is very pleased with it as i don`t play games. I´m using my pc for more serious things.
  12. Is it ok ? http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=24680641
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