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  1. If I remind you of George Bush, somethings wrong with me Improv Comedy
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    And why would it? Large, remotly hosted avatars slow down a page, but dont use up the Pit's bandwidth.
  3. Exactly. You managed to sum up what I was trying to say without reorting to unusual hypothetical anolgies.
  4. If you look at it like that, of course. But say she was to run against Fidel Castro? Not happening (obviously), but I doubt you'd like a President Castro. It makes a huge difference, exp. if you do like her, somewhat.
  5. It makes a huge difference who that other democrat is. If your asking "is she your all-time favorite canadite?", the answer is no -- and probably would be with the vast majority of people. But if you ask "would you have voted for her if she had run against that idiot Bush in 2004?" (yeah, that'll get accurate responces), the answer would mroe often be "yes".
  6. In the primaries? Depends on the other candadites. In the real election? Unless the Replublican party suddly, I dunno, gains a collective light bulb over their heads and, dare I say, starts to think, or the Greens suddly get the support I wish they had, yes. Oh, and the whole system would have to stop discriminating based upon age (I'd be, erm, 15).
  7. 'Fraid I didn't (couldn't?) read the whole thing, so excuse me if I'm in effect repeating someone else here. Let me start by saying I am in no way defending this filth - child molesters are hard to defend (to put it mildly). I do think he should get a life sentence, and I think that his case should draw attention - and money - to this huge problem, so we can fix it. But I will never agree with people who feel that it is their right, or even responsibility, to bring the law into their own hands. Our country wasn't set up like that, and there's a reason. I find it despiciable that the molester was only given 10 years - and thats certainly a problem with our legal system. But this inmate broke the law by commiting murder, and it was in no way justified by anything the molester did. The ends do not, in any way, justify the means. Clearly, people feel strongly about this. Thats good. So wheres the outrage at the church's responce, or rather lack thereof, to this huge problem? How about child protection, care, and education in general - why arn't we putting more money into social services to help impovorished children (in the US and around the world)? Or into their school systems, so thay can get a good education? It's easy to be outraged at a specific event, and talk heavily about punishments for another. But when it comes down to the problem, this is only one case. As a people, we love retaliatting violently - compare the amount of money put into child protenction, or social services in general, and the amount put into building and maintaining hundreds of nuclear missiles whos only purpose is distruction. Compare the news time for, say, Iraq with that for child molesters in general. Look at the cost of Iraq - it could've paid for 4 million new teachers, to replace these sickos. Instead we use it to, among other things, contribute to the death of 10,000 plus Iraqis. We've got alot of moral outrage, but we're kinda low on real help. So sad
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    14... and not trying to hide it with some fancy mathematical trick...
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    Déjà Vu! But I agree
  10. But would you have honestly made him stand at an intersection with it? Make one for him, sure - its scary, I do admit. But that kind of humiliation wouldn't have helped anything.
  11. I would certainly not argue with that. However, I would argue with your, and this mom's, meathod of "encouragement". There are alot of good, productive ways of encouraging kids - punishments dont encourage. I disagree. When you look at the world, and even our country, people who have had fear instilled in them arn't the ones succeeding. The Iraqis are pretty scared, I would imagine. So are most of the people who live in the ghettos. Are they the ones succeding? Nope - the CEOs living in the comphy mansions are, though. And do they fear alot? Not really.
  12. I completly agree - and as your example demonstrates, a slap of reality does a whole lot more then a physical slap, or some other punishmnet. Did you punish your son? No, not at all - in fact, you did alot to help him. It didn't require public humiliation or beatings, and it worked.
  13. Wow - I have never been beaten, and (without gloating) let me jsut say I turned out all right, with straight A's, never one referal, decent intelligence for a 13 year old, etc., etc. I completly disagree with the kind of public humilation tactic employed by these parents. If anything, the kid will grow even more disgruntled and rebel in possibly violent ways. Certainly her "condition", if you wish to call it that, will not "improve", if you think that theres anything wrong with it now. Lets put this in perspective: shes getting poor grades and acting up in school, right? Well, what is school? A manditory facility that, due to adult's laws, all children are required to attend and obey the every whim of their adult supervisors. Now for the perspective: imagine a really bad job, with the two primary differences that you a. didn't chose it, and b. can't leave it. Oh, and you don't get paid. And you have to go there for 7 hours a day. Would you be happy? Adults complain that they have to pay taxes that then then in turn decide, through voting, what to do with. Thats nothing in comparision to having to forfit a majority of your waking hours and having no say in its use. But, even if what she's doing is "wrong", which for me is shacky ground, public humiliation will not cure it. And, yes, having to stand at a busy interesction with a cardboard sign is public humiliation, no matter which way you cut it. Work with her: why is she getting bad grades? Does she have some mediacl problem, like ADD? Can she not sleep at night? Is she being bullied? Is this school just not her fit - does she need some alternative school, since everyone learns in differnet ways? Are the teachers abusing her? And, most importantly, what can the parents do to fix it? Not punish her - fix the problem. No, the two are not the same.
  14. That... or its protection sucks! I'm sorry, in all honesty, I know very little about the secrety, why FF is more secure, etc. However, I do respect the opinions of those who do know about htese kinds of things, and overall they say FF is better. So, thats what I go with...
  15. Yup. I'm not even sure why where having this discussion - it'll be figured out, sooner or later... Or perhaps IE was a victim of "Intelligent Design"?
  16. "I'm infected with" (BTW, that was 4 words.... )
  17. I never got Firefox because I had spyware or virus problem - I got it because I think it displayes pages better. But, then again, thats just my personal opinon, right? I certainly don't think IEs the end of the world...
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