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    P4 3.4GHz, 2GB RAM, Radeon X800 Pro, 2X 70GB Hard Drives, Audigy 2 ZS, XP Pro
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  1. Hehe, I can't afford 3 anyway! I'm just wondering whether getting a more powerful PSU for a future upgrade would be worth it at the current point in time. Or perhaps it would be best just to upgrade it if/when I need to.
  2. Thanks brandon! $600 isn't worth the not-so-big performance difference! I have looked into the power the Ultra cards use and I'm wondering whether to spend a little more cash on a higher wattage PSU. Two GT's require a 750 watt, but anything higher needs a 1000 watt to run properly. Would it be a wise investment to get the more powerful PSU for now to make it my system "future-proof" (if I eventually upgrade to another card?)
  3. I swear this is impossible to find on the internet, so if someone has the simple answer to this: How much better is an 8800 Ultra compared to a 8800 GT?
  4. I've got my eyes set on getting some 8800GT cards in SLI, but I can't help but wonder how 8800GTS and 8800 Ultra cards also in SLI compare, and whether a bit more cash is worth the difference. Has anyone got any benchmarks? I can only seem to find 8800GT SLIs against a single 8800 Ultra etc.
  5. Right, I've never sold an old PC before, I've purely just got rid of them. My current one though is still in good condition and I hope is still worth some money. I'll only be selling the system (not the monitor, speakers, keyboard etc.) but the spec is: 3.4GHz P4 2GB RAM Radeon X800 Pro Creative Audigy 2 sound card 2X 10,000 RPM WD Raptor hard drives, 70GB each Two DVD drives, only CD-RW though. XP Service Pack 2 (and I'll format the drives and install all the drivers and Windows too) I can also provide the Windows install disc and key. How much would something like this be worth now?
  6. I've recently hooked up my laptop to my TV. Picture is great, and sound was ok until a few days ago. I've connected the audio up with a double ended 3.5mm cable, one end going in the audio output on the laptop to the amp connected to my TV. But whenever I do this, I constantly get static sounds coming out the TV speakers. I've been trying to work out why as before it would only do this for a few seconds and then stop, and for some reason I've discovered that I only get the static audio when the laptop is plugged into the mains - running off battery is fine (however the battery doesn't last very long for me to watch films, which is why I connected the laptop up in the first place). Is there any way to fix this? I was thinking it might be because I'm just using the on board sound and the power somehow interferes with it, and perhaps getting a sound card might help...?
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