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  1. ^Yea that seems like the only way i'll be able to get it off. Thanks alot for the help!
  2. Dough, That's not the problem I'm having. IntelGuy, There isn't a program for "datebar". I'm not sure how the "search toolbar" got there but It appeared there after I installed YIM7 which is also how the "yahoo toolbar" option got to the menu.
  3. How do I remove an option on the right click menu when I click on an area above the address bar in IE? It's some I want to remove like "datebar", "search toolbar", and "yahoo toolbar".
  4. Okay, I"ll do a test soon.
  5. The cable that came with the Hard Drive is a "Y" cable. One end goes to the HD and the other plugs in the PC. One plug is for "Power/Data" and the other is "Power Only". The Printer isn't recognized either. I used my HD on anothe PC today and it worked just fine.
  6. My PC doesn't recognize my usb ports. Well it does, but when i plug up my portable hard drive, printer or any device with an usb connection, it does nothing. I tried to install the drivers it said drivers installed. Don't know what could be the problem. When I plug up the printer it says Unknown USB Device. Any help? I have WinXP.
  7. Yea I did read the version for the XP one. Thanks for the link on my other problem.
  8. When It says to put in CD does it mean to insert the Windows Recovery disk or something similar?
  9. When I start up my PC I can't open the Start Menu, It just freezes. The only I have access to applications Is through the task manager. When I connect to the net It freezes and so does everything else. How do I solve this problem? ______ When I'm on my PC A message box shows up with the title "16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem" and the message included "C:\Windows\System32\MMXDOU~1.EXE C:\Windows\System32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Applications. Choose close to terminate the application." No matter if i click Close or Ignore the box just closes. Any help?
  10. Well my pc is up and running again. I used Ad-Aware SE this time. I went from 60 processes to 22. I'm relieved. Ad-Aware removed a ton of spyware from my PC.
  11. I tried entering safe mode but nothing happens
  12. OS: Win XP Application: Manaccom Spy Cleaner Someone linked me to this site: Click Here . But To resolve the problem I would have to open the registry and the PC won't even load enough to where I can even access it.
  13. I installed a spy cleaner program and I scanned my pc, restarted it and now my pc wont fully load. A command prompt screen is displayed with a box with an alert box with the title "16 Bit MS-DOS Subsystem" with the message "Explorer.exe C:\WINDOWS\Nail.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\Autoexxec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application." When I click close then the background is just displayed and that's when it stops loading. The other option to select is "Ignore". when I click that It still does nothing. What could the problem be?
  14. That's what I tried to do but it didn't detect one on my pc.
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