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  1. Went back to Microcentre and just picked up a Z490 Aorus Pro AX. Worked first time. Seriously unimpressed with Asus.
  2. Hey TX! Yep, both cards work but neither in the first slot. Updated to latest bios and it doesn't seem to make a difference!
  3. Hi all, it's been a minute since I've been here. Just put together my first build in a while, and I'm having issues. Specs are as follows: Asus Maximus Hero XII Intel 10900k 2x 2080ti Corsair RM1000 1000W PSU My 2nd PCI-e slot does not appear to be working correctly. It will just about let the system boot to windows and show visuals, but the card shows as "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" in device manager. Trying to use 2x 2080ti, but the second slot just will not work at all. This is my 2nd of these boards now, the first also had the same issue. Anyone else experience this? Is there something I could be missing? I've tried both cards in both slots, both cards work in the first slot.
  4. I haven't played CS in ages, I suck too. It's a great idea though! I'd love to join in.
  5. The OCZ is nothing special, might as well go with the muskin cus it's cheaper.
  6. The Thermaltake fans in my case run fine.... the molex connectors suck tho.
  7. Damn, I posted here like 2 hours ago.... pit musta screwed up. Anyway... good luck aaron!
  8. Just about to set up RAID here..... what kind of partitioning should I be doing? Like windows on C, data on D or what?
  9. Will do! I'm going to re-install windows with raid now though ('Finally!' I hear everyone say)
  10. I tried using a 9/10 divider, but maybe i should use 4/5 just incase that one was fishy.... I also used it as an excuse to give the ram 3V
  11. Just wondering what I'm missing to get my sytem to boot at 2.9 ( I know it won't be stable... ) My system will boot at 2.85 and run whole benches.... My settings: HTT Multi: 4x FSB: 265 Multi: 11 CPU Voltage: I've tried as far as 1.61V (Real volts..... it's set at around 1.66 in bios) Cpu temps are around 36 degrees MAX Any ideas? P.S. I can get to 2.9 in windows... just want to get it to boot.
  12. I think they'd be about even.... as long as speed wasn't a consideration.
  13. That's not really a fair comparison, XP has alot on it that wouldn't be contained on the 80mb Red hat......*guesses that some smart will say spyware etc. next*
  14. He called for it, doesn't mean he'll be doing it...
  15. I'm not touching Vista if it's anything like what I've heard. Good thing I despise Halo!
  16. My Samsung spinpoints run at 19c almost constantly with a front 120mm fan blowingon them.
  17. Just un-install your drive controller in the device manager, works like a charm!
  18. My FX 5500 OWNS! http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1741069
  19. lol, stop being so hard on him!
  20. FFFFFOOOOORRRR............ The one, The only...
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