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    i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz Asus P8Z68-V EVGA GTX570 @ 830 core G.Skill RipJawsX 8GB @1600mhz Watercooled You've been fooled 120GB Vertex 3 SSD and 2x1TB F3 Spinpoints for storage. Thermaltake Armor
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  1. I log in every once in a while when I get some new hardware and get interested in PCs again. It's not the same as it used to be. Never going to forget how the pit was in the old days. Agent Smith, the forum warz song has permanent residence in my itunes library and I still rock out to it every time it pops up on shuffle.
  2. Thanks guys! Congrats to KarlNedCarew on breaking 2 Million also! Fold on.
  3. That was great fun. Congrats to all our big producers here, we made a pretty damn good team! Switched my rigs back over and gave my main PC its first downtime in 150 days+ for some cleaning. In typical fashion it refused to boot after but I think it's all back online now. Looking forward to seeing if I can hit that 1M month folding for PC Pitstop for the first time!
  4. I'll kick in some points if someone would like to PM me the passkey. Been a while since I've been on here but some of you may have noticed my recent return to folding. How've ye been guys?
  5. This worked! Thanks a million CB! Dad passes on his thanks aswell! He's pleased as hell now with his new e8600 rig for office apps and emails
  6. Thanks for the reply! I can't get my head around that... does it mean I won't need a password to access the computer remotely period, or does it mean I can get in without specifying details and then have to enter my password? If it doesn't require a password at all then it's a big no-no for security and my dad would probably shoot me
  7. This is the first PC problem to stump me in a few years now.. I'm trying to connect to my dad's windows 7 work pc which I just built using any of the PCs in my house. It will connect fine, and display the login screen but it will not accept the username and password (which I know are correct). I have Mocha RDP on my iphone and that will connect and login without a hitch. Cannot think of why this would be
  8. Looks like the card is going back But Happy new year all the same folks!
  9. I guess it's not that bad! Just everything I've seen has suggested 15k is more like it! I guess I'll just give it a rest on trying to fix it after trying a different OS as it's killing the new hardware enjoyment
  10. Ah ok, I had gotten the console version from RAHs link and I think it was 6.23! I have the one you suggested installed now, it's working and.... still 13k ppd. Going to try a different windows install if I can get it to work again!
  11. Thanks RAH! I set up the console but I get a constant loop of these: [13:29:37] Calling fah_main args: 14 usage=100 [13:29:37] [13:29:40] CoreStatus = 63 (99) [13:29:40] + Error starting [email protected] core Edit: And when i force the nvidia_fermi it says cudart...blah blah was not found on my system and shuts down! Having done a bit of poking around I should be able to get 15k with the systray client regardless
  12. Just downloaded that! I will check to see if that's causing the issue once the next WU is complete (just in case) I've now checked and triple checked, and found that the cpu client makes no difference to the Gpu client. I've changed the priority to low for cpu and bumped it for gpu, switched off the cpu client entirely etc and it makes no difference whatsoever. As for folding on a dual core, yup, that's where 90% of of ppd was coming from up until now! My e8600 at 4.5 will get 5k ppd if it's the only thing running, so it's not all that bad. I'm inclined to believe it's not a cpu limitation as overclocking the card increases the ppd substantially (13k stock, 15k overclocked). I really am stumped now! Performance in games isn't wonderful either, I expected a much bigger jump coming from a 2900xt! Edit: If someone could give me a few pointers on installing the console version it'd be great! I had tried it last night but was met with some error or other that I took to mean "Wrong client, idiot"
  13. Ok I've got the latest drivers, but I'm confused as to installing it in that folder! I have to run the systray client for fermi (at least afaik) so none of those things really come in to play for me!
  14. Ok, so killing off the cpu SMP client made the ppd jump about 3k! Now I have to figure out how to make them play ball together I guess! I had heard that fermi clients barely affected the cpu and vice-versa though so this is strange!
  15. Got a lovely present of a GTX 570 for christmas and I now have the GPU v3 system tray client up and running It's a little slow though, hfm is reporting only 11500 ppd on a p6806, and I'm sure these cards are capable of a little more than that? My gpu usage in evga precision is only showing as roughly 80% aswell so I'm wondering if there's something amiss.. If anyone is on on this lovely christmas morning that could help me out I'd really appreciate it
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